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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Inkle weaving and other things

Whilst in the town centre last week we came upon a pop up book shop organised by Healthy Planet which offers up to 3 free books per visit and here is one I found.  I had this book from the library many years ago when I was doing a City and Guilds Creative Textiles course and found it very useful and more recently I wished I had had a copy of my own but it is now out of print.  So it was my lucky day.  Kath I remember you doing a post about a museum you went to where you came across inkle weaving too.  For a description of the technique see here.

I wanted to make a bookmark with my friend's name woven into it to take with me to France so I found out my loom - made for me about 25 years ago by Mr M (it's so handy having such a practical chap for a husband!) - and searched out some yarn and got going but I got into such a tangle warping up the loom that I am afraid my friend's bookmark will have to be a Christmas gift now as I will not have time to weave it before I am due to go to France. 
Just to prove I can do it here are some bits I made earlier!  I made a whole length of these trees one year - this one has been pinned up at some point by the look of it.

Here are two sample lengths using different techniques and the background is a piece of fabric I made from inkle braids joined together which was going to be a waistcoat but never got that far!

This belt I made using yarn I had dyed myself and this was actually accepted by the Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers for display in their Exhibition one year!

And here is one of my final pieces made for the C&G and I wished whilst weaving all the braids that I had chosen knitting or something as one of my specialist modules and not braids as it was a lot of work and as the yarn was cotton I had to wear a mask cowboy style over my nose and mouth as the fluff created was horrible!  I have never worn it and it looks very old-fashioned now but I keep it as a souvenir of my C&G days which were great fun and when I made several good friends with whom I am still in touch with all these years later.

 I have also been busy crafting this little gift booklet for my friend - each page/pocket to contain a little gift.  I hope she will like it.  She is a crafter so I think she will appreciate the idea anyway. 

 My written French leaves a lot to be desired but I dare say she will understand!

The little yellow felt cockerel is one of a couple she gave me a long time ago so will be going home!

 And for an English gardener friend I hope to see whilst in France a few hollyhock seeds in another of my little packets - again I hope she will like it.

Thank you all so much for your kind supportive words on the post about my mother - these were the flowers I picked in the garden and they lasted just the two days from the anniversary of her death to her birthday - I am sure she knew I was thinking about her.

I am hoping to have some lovely quilts to show you next time if photography is allowed at the exhibition I am going to in France!


  1. My goodness gracious me! So many talents here. I've been 'ooohing' and very much 'aaaahing' at your dispaly of C&G makes. My very favourite thing though is that adorable hollyhock seed envelope. I would jump for joy is somebody offered me something so pretty.


  2. Never heard of inkle weaving,, love your samples. And the little gift book is adorable.

  3. I never came across that kind of weaving before, it seems like a lot of work. Your waistcoat is a marvel and I don't blame you for hanging on to it.

    Your smaller, recent, projects are so clever too. It is such a long time since I did any crafting, I must change that now that I have a new sewing machine.

  4. How interesting, I saw one demonstrated for the first time here in Glastonbury at the Rural life museum.
    I just love that waistcoat, I would wear that today for sure! Anything with tassels gets my vote. And I really like your little book, I'm sure your friend would love it, I would be bowled over if someone made that for me :-)

  5. I've never heard of inkle weaving either but I think I do sort of regognise it. I think the waistcoat is fantastic and would love to see you wear it. You might look a bit of an old hippy though. Perhaps on a visit to Glastonbury !!!!
    Loved the little gift book. She will too.

  6. Beautiful crafts Jane.
    Your weaving is amazing and I'm quite sure your friend will love her little book!
    My very favourite make though is the little seed packet what a brilliant idea, it is so lovely, I know I would be thrilled with it.
    Have fun in France. :)
    Vivienne x

  7. Wow your little gift booklet is fabulous. Your friend is a very lucky lady. And what a great idea for the seed package! Very original.

  8. I haven't heard of inkle weaving either but it does look fascinating.
    The things you have made look wonderful. Love the pretty book too
    Julie x

  9. My WSD friends include some fabulous weavers on the inkle loom but I've rarely seen items that are as well made as yours Jane. I think that waistcoat looks so contemporary.I really do think it has a classic look to it and I know from experience how many hours of work must have gone into it as inkle weaving seems to grow slowly to my mind.It's a technique that requires loads of patience. All the things you're taking to France will be well received I'm sure. Have a great trip and tell us all about it when you come home!PS Glad you've now got a Healthy Planet too. I love visiting mine because you're right; you just never know what you might find!

  10. Never heard of inkle weaving! The waistcoat is amazing.
    The little book and seed packet you have made are wonderful - such thoughtful gifts.

  11. Jane you are a very talented inkle weaver!!! I think your friends will be appreciative of all the thought and care you have put into the gifts you have made for them. Enjoy your time in France!

  12. That is a totally new one on me Jane. Your examples look fantastic and that length of fabric must have taken HOURS! It is lovely to see you making again. Your little stitched book and packets are sure to be well received. I hope you get inkling too.
    Have a lovely break en France.

  13. Ive never heard of Inkle weaving, but yours is truly beautiful and must have taken you ages! Have a great trip, I'm sure your friends will love the gifts you've made - I would!

  14. What beautiful gifts you have made your friends, That little chicken had caught my eye before I read where is had came from, its so sweet :)

    There is a lot of work on that braiding and very interesting, I have never heard of the Inkle Loom or how it works.

  15. lovely gifts! That vest looks like a lot of weaving patience :)

  16. I remember doing inkle weaving at school. I still have a couple of pieces that I made back in the 70s, including one very stylish black white and sparkly silver strip, lol!
    I love the gift booklet, it's so pretty with lots of gorgeous details. The seed packet is a great idea too. I'm sure both your friends will love and appreciate these gifts.

  17. I've never heard of Inkle weaving, but the results are very pretty. And how sweet to make that fabric book of pockets for your friend. I know she'll appreciate it.

    I "pinned" the stitched gift packet of seeds - such a creative idea for wrapping something small.

  18. Another one here who hadn't heard of inkle weaving! Fascinating, and I agree with Lesley that the waistcoat looks really contemporary.
    Re your gifts, well they are just so lovely and so special having been made by you.

  19. What a lovely post Jane! I so enjoyed seeing your makes, you are so clever. The little gift book is adorable, so filled with lovely little touches and surprises, I am sure your friend will be delighted with her gift (I know I would be!)
    Helen x

  20. What beautiful little gifts which so much love gone into making them.


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