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Monday, 8 October 2012

Sunday Outing

The forecast for Sunday was for a dry and possibly sunny day so we decided to take advantage of the weather and have another outing.  This time we headed for the coast and as Weymouth is probably our nearest seaside town we went there again.  We went by car not bus and the drive down was beautiful - we passed through lovely countryside with stunning views from the ridge towards Dorchester.  The sky was trying to decide whether to be clear or not, the distant views were veiled in mist but the sun was doing its best and now and again poked through and a piece of blue sky appeared.

On reaching Weymouth we parked the car and made our way towards the Esplanade but for a change we turned left on reaching the seafront and wandered along the beach in the other direction.  This side of Weymouth is an altogether different place - no Punch and Judy, no ice creams or burgers, no donkey rides (although to tell the truth there were probably precious few of any of those on the main beach now the season is over)  Greenhill is a more upmarket, genteel sort of area probably because the beach has by now turned from fine white sand to shingle and finally to pebbles.

As we had no intention of building sandcastles or donning our swimsuits this didn't matter to us and we enjoyed a walk along this quieter side of town.

Came upon this pretty mosaic - reminded me of the one I showed you on the South Bank of the Thames here.

As you can see the beach was empty - well the wind was chilly even in the sunshine.

There were pretty gardens - the sort I enjoy on a municipal basis but wouldn't want to emulate at home and probably not at their peak now but colourful nonetheless.

The clock wasn't working and it was lunch time not nearly 8 o'clock!  But it still looked pretty and rather English.

Having walked as far as we intended - to where the road runs along side the beach heading off to Preston - we wandered back again to a little cafe where we had a sandwich overlooking the sea before walking back towards the main beach and the harbour.

This road of hotels looked like a good place to stay well away from the amusement arcades and kiss-me-quick noise of the main beach.

I have shown you the views from the Nothe before here so won't bore you with them again here but it was a pleasant wander.

Back round at the old harbour we had to wait for the town bridge to open and close before we could pass across.  (If you click on the first photo you should get a full screen picture with a row of thumbnails below which if you continue to click on the following ones makes this look like a moving picture!)

This is the view from the bridge once we were able to cross.

Back along the esplanade these hotels were still looking lovely with their colourful flowers.  Reached the car park a few minutes before our 4 hours was up and in less than an hour we were home and had the kettle on for.... you've guessed it - a nice cup of tea!


  1. That sea looks very bracing! It is so nice to be able to make the most of some good weather at this time of year - it has been so drearily grey and wet here today that a virtual seaside trip is just the ticket!

    Pomona x

  2. Nothing like a day at the seaside Jane!
    I love the mosaics and the flowers look in great condition for this time of year.
    I did have fun playing with the bridge! ;)
    Vivienne x

  3. What a lovely day out. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Thank you for sharing that with us.I have never been to Weymouth.

  5. We never really explored Weymouth when we went years ago - it does look beautiful though.

    Nina x

  6. Nothing better than a seaside town slightly out of season in my opinion! But maybe that's because I was brought up on the Norfolk coast and loved it better when the visitors were gone.

    I can almost hear the waves on the shingle - hope it wasn't too cold!

  7. Haven't been to Weymouth in years but enjoyed fish and chips on the harbour which I still remember as they were delicious! I love visiting the seaside when the weather is Autumnal - I probably prefer it to the Summer as you get the beach to yourself most of the time.

  8. lovely day out again! It still looks pretty now, I dont understand the fascination with the punch and judy shows, the beach side is beautiful without all this isnt it?

  9. Much nicer out of season I think. We had a day out there a few months back .. the nature reserve in the town was a hit. The children had great fun feeding the ducks and pigeons .. and counting the rats!

  10. I havent been to Weymouth since the Ferry stopped crossing from there.
    It has a lovely, almost Victorian feel in your photos, unchanged and tranquil.

  11. Nice day out Jane. It's a lovely beach and the other direction is quite different isn't it? As Mrs A says we Aussies don't "get" Punch and Judy shows though I can remember them from my childhood. All that beach entertainment has disappeared from our beaches ..... but I guess the temperature has a lot to do with that!!Too busy playing in the sea here.
    PS Clever "movie"!

  12. What a lovely day out you had. Those mosiacs are really beautiful.

  13. What a lovely day out Jane :o)
    I haven't been to Weymouth in around five years now, but like you prefer the 'quieter side' too.
    It's such beautiful scenery on the way in, though I have to admit I could have been so close to the sea without a paddle!
    Thank you for sharing you day.
    Rose H

  14. Lovely to see another side of Weymouth Jane and a reminder that it all started as a genteel Georgian resort after all. I think those municipal flower beds look pretty good for October. That takes some very careful planning and what dedication by the hotels to keep those baskets still looking floriferous.Sadly that was the last sunny day... let's hope we have a few more before autumn is over.

  15. Lovely images, especially of the Town Bridge. I do like 'out of season' seaside towns.

  16. What a lovely walk by the seaside, and what a pleasant surprise stumbling upon that beautiful mosaic - some folks are extremely clever.
    Jill x

  17. That was a very pleasant day out...thanks for taking us along.

  18. A wonderful day out Jane making the most of dry Autumn days! The flowers look superb considering it's October!

  19. I seem to be visiting a fair few blogs this morning with seaside pics ... makes me long to hear waves on pebbles again, which for me means the Suffolk coast. I have missed not spending time by the sea this year.

    Loved the Lacock post, and it took me right back. Before moving to be near us here my parents lived just down the road in Melksham.

  20. I love going on virtual walks with you Jane. That part of Weymouth does look particularly genteel - those beautiful hanging baskets have warmed the cockles of my heart!

    Thank you Jane for your thoughtful comment on my recent post.


  21. I enjoyed the walk today, Jane. We went to Weymouth briefly a few years ago but have never explored it properly. I loved the seaside pictures, and the genteel atmosphere, and the bright flowers still blooming.
    Helen x

  22. Another delightful trip out Jane. Love those hanging baskets at the end, no wonder they had no vacancies!

  23. What beautiful pictures and such a pretty place, I have been there twice but did not see any of these sites! those mosaics are stunning, I'm glad you got nice weather for your outing :)

  24. Enjoyed the photos and liked the mosaic walk very much. Nice wandering around these places out of season when it is quiet.

  25. Such a lovely day out, love the images.x


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