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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bees and shopping!

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I was reading the local paper this morning whilst drinking my breakfast coffee and noticed that there was a film show in Shaftesbury next week entitled the Vanishing of the Bees. Intrigued I checked it out on the internet and was shocked when I saw the trailer of the film here. (I had hoped to be able to show just the video but haven't the techie skills to do this I am afraid - perhaps one of you can tell me how to post a video from Youtube?)

This really made me wonder what we are doing to our beautiful world and how many of us are aware of where our food comes from and of the ecological consequences of our actions. Many have written much more eloquently than I ever could on the subject but we ignore it at our peril. I fear the attitude that MORE, BIGGER and CHEAPER must be BETTER is going to bring our downfall and it may not be the threat of nuclear war, terrorists and so on that we should be afraid of but the ecological destruction of our planet.

On a less serious note we went to the market at Montacute House this morning - sure beats the supermarket any day (so maybe it isn't on a totally different subject after all!)

Although this morning was overcast there was a warm friendly atmosphere and how lovely it was to chat to the producers and to nibble samples of this and that. We bought cheese and bread as well as some vegetables and some venison burgers for my husband who likes his meat!

I loved this little pretty basket of teeny tiny cupcakes just right for a dolls' tea party!

There was a stall from the Somerset Willow Growers which had all maner of basketry including this coffin - I have told my husband that I want one like that when my time comes - how much more "me" than a polished wooden box with shiny brass handles!! I have a course leaflet (no not to make my own coffin!) and want to go and learn how to make one of the lovely wigwams seen on the left for my garden.

As we were making our way to the exit I turned back towards the courtyard where the market was held and saw the village church above the treetops - scenic eh?

There was Morris dancing in the front driveway to the house

as well as some clog dancing too. I came away with a warm fuzzy feeling that I never get having done my shopping at Tesco!! (Let's be honest here I rarely go to Tesco but that's another story or some might say rant!)


  1. Hi Jane....what a lovely way to spend some time. I try to use my local farm shop as much as I can. They grow all their own fruit and veg. Keep pigs, sheep, and cows for the meat market. I know where my food is sourced and that the animals have had a wonderful life.
    They also sell crafts produced by local people.

    As you may have guessed by now I garden purely for wildlife. Bees are my passion. When I first arrived at the farmhouse there were few bees, but now I have a garden full of them. Most of the queens overwinter here. It has been hard work but worth all the aches and pains.......
    We can all make a does not matter how small....put it all together and we may have wonderful results......

    Loved the cakes BTW, would be perfect for my little grand-daughter Poppi.

  2. It's good to see another post about the vanishing of the bees. I did one a few months ago. It's something that I feel strongly about. We should be doing all that we can to help. Well done on raising the issue, the more do the better.

    I like Montecute House, I haven't been there for 2 or 3 years. It looked like fun with the stalls etc.

    Have a lovely weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  3. I too have blogged about the vanishing bees and went out and bought a book about it-'world without bees'. I got my yr 5 and 6 children to make posters to draw attention to their plight too.
    May day is such a funny festival, our school use to do a May pole dance but the teachers who use to organise it have now retired and the may pole is stored away in the cellar, shame.

  4. The whole issue of bees and their possible disappearance is huge, isn't it? Flowers by the bucketload being sown and planted here, so hopefully.....

    The market you attended looked fantastic.

  5. Bees certainly seem to be the 'hot' topic at the moment. I caught the early morning Farming Today Radio 4 programme about their year long bee keeping experience which was fascinating. Let us hope that the powers that be all over the world make the right decisions about farming practices. I do hope you get to have a go at willow wigwams, don't they look great with a few sweetpeas or runner beans growing up them? Hope you're getting a bit of sun today, it's just out here.

  6. I watched the trailer about the bees and it looks really interesting. I love the bumblebees as well. We have identified 4 species in the garden this spring. The market looked nice and unusual too especially the dancing.
    Lucy xxxx

  7. I haven't seen too many bees around so far this year but it is early days. It is a worry but we shall do our bit and get planting as much as we can this Spring in a bid to tempt them. That wisteria in your photo looks amazing and I wish you good luck with your wigwams, a great skill to learn especially since you pay a fortune for them in the nurseries!

    Kate x

  8. Jane,
    We saw this film a few months ago and it was an extended version of a documentary on BBC 4 last year. Alhough it's based in the USA it gives food for thought. Haven't been to Montacute for years but thanks for the pictures. It's lovely to be reminded of that beautiful mellow hamstone. It justs says 'Somerset' to me and always reminds me of my grandparent's house. Lesley x

  9. I saw this documentary too and it is very sobering indeed.

    Montacute looks great - definitely my kind of place. The wisteria, wall and door are just lovely! Supermarket shopping is never this enjoyable is it.

    The morris dancing looks fun - did you see my post on the Eel Festival!!


  10. I too am worried about the lack of bees and saw the documentary which really makes one think about what we are doing to the planet. I am very happy to see lots of bees in the garden this year and will continue planting to encourage wildlife. We try to be organic as far as possible. The market looks great and how much more satisfying as you say, than shopping at Tesco's. Like the willow coffin too!


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