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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bank Holiday weekend!

Hope you all had a good weekend whatever the weather. We were lucky here and had some sunshine in between the showers. Didn't go anywhere special but did manage to get some gardening done.
Husband began digging a hole on Friday to plant the apple tree we bought last week - naturally we had chosen the spot where the builders had burried all the brick rubble and dust! My husband doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "to give up" and kept digging (I began to wonder whether one of the willow coffins might be needed either for me because he would get fed up with me nagging him to give in and try somewhere else or because he'd kill himself digging and need on himself!) Anyway we have now got a little apple tree planted and not a lot to show for the hours of effort that went into its planting now that the rubble has gone to the tip!

Meanwhile I worked on clearing up the spot beside the shed shown here and clearing the bank and setting some stones in and some pebbles (left over from our veggie plot clearance) It looks much neater now don't you think even if I am paying the price for lifting the heavy stones about today!

Husband being quite handy with his DIY has made a cold frame for the plants which were hitherto cluttering up the conservatory and in danger of being baked to death when we went out and locked the doors and windows! We got the windows for the top from a reclamation yard £8 foir the pair and the timber was already to hand - sometimes being a hoarder is useful! The dark stain was what was left form having painted the fence and the inside is done with some pale green timber stuff I had chosen for the fence and then not liked. It all looks quite Homes and Gardens inside now and I am wondering if I should hang a couple of pictures or maybe some of my handicrafts from the back of the cupboard! What do you think they'd like?!

Giveaway win!

This package arrived from Greece from Viota and contained the giveaway which I had won - I had only put my name down as Viota had offered to organise a swap but then changed her mind and made it a giveaway- you may remember I said I wouldn't enter any more giveaways as my luck was too good and it seemed only fair that someone else got a chance! Sadly that luck doesn't seem to extend to lottery wins or anything like that!

The contents, all prettily wrapped in gift paper, were as shown here - some lovely flowered pillowslips, a flowered guest towel, some pretty stationery and a couple of cheerful yellow flower clips.

How pretty the pillowslips look on the guest bed and they match the silk roses I have in a little vase on the side table don't they? Thank you so very much Viota and a letter of thanks is on its way to you now.

If anyone is interested in another giveaway pop over to Winnibrigshouse for a giveaway here. I am not entering this one so you do stand a chance!!


  1. What a lovely cold frame - very chic! My dad made me one out of some old windows once, but it wasn't as pretty as yours.

  2. Men!! - are you glad he perservered though? Just think of all the blossom and apples in the years to come.

    Hope you're not suffering too much?

    Nina x

  3. Been there, done that and still got the bricks to prove it! Worth all the effort though, when you have pretty blossom and tasty apples. Its great to have a clearout and see results don't you think? I like the clematis on your shed too. And the coldframe is fabulous. You could get your husband to make a great big one and use it as a Summerhouse! Your plants will love their new home I'm sure.

  4. So glad you got the tree in. They're all the same, these men, they don't like to be beaten do they. I hope you get to make some lovely apple pies out of it. Love his coldframe, isn't it handy when they're so keen on DIY - I really must show this post to my husband!!

    Kate x

  5. I'm sure it will be worth it once you get lots of fruit! It certainly looks like it has been planted most professionally! ;-)

    Sounds like you had a better weekend than me - stuck in bed with the dreaded lurgy, only just got up for dinner!

  6. Not sure about the willow coffin, can't make my mind up. Thanks for stopping by the Fairyglade and you mention an angel book, but I can't find the details on your blog?? Dev x

  7. I'm sure your little apple tree will be so pleased to have such a well prepared spot to put down its roots your will be rewarded with tasty apples. I love the little potting table at the end of your shed.

  8. I'm glad hubby didn't give up on the placement of the tree as it looks good there. One thing though - don't you have to have another apple tree of another type for successful pollination? I don't know much about apple trees as it is too hot to grow them here so I am probably wrong there. All I know is how pretty they are when they flower.

  9. Helsie - according to the nursery man it seems here in Somerset one doesn't need any other apple trees as there are so many apple trees in the vicinity (this being cider country) and bees will go from a nearby orchard to our little tree and the pollen will be borne on the wind we hope. If not we will just have a pretty tree and no apples!!

    Jane x

  10. Ha ha - men - sounds like my hubby. Love the idea of the cold frame. We've never bought one as they are so expensive. I might suggest the idea to hubby as he hoards lots of wood....!

  11. Love the cold frame, I just missed out on one recently at our little market.....


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