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Friday, 21 May 2010

Welsh Wales

This time last week I was in Pembrokeshire where I was visiting an old friend. If you don't know this part of Wales I must tell you it is very beautiful. This was the scene as I reached the top of the Preselis, on Thursday afternoon, before dropping down to the village where my friend lives.

I was lucky with the weather and every day we had blue skies - although it was often dull and damp first thing in the morning the sunshine always appeared later. I met up with Lesley - Printed Material - who lives in the area and found her to be as lovely warm and welcoming as her blogs and comments would suggest - Thank you Lesley for the lovely lunch and for making me so welcome. The drive to Lesley's neck of the woods was beautiful with steep banks alongside the lanes sprinkled with bluebells, cow parsley and red campion the mix of pink, blue and white with the soft green of the grass and foliage was wonderful and I wished I could paint. Sadly I coundn't even take a photo as I was driving!

One evening we went to the beach for a walk before supper and these are some of the photos I took ...

This is my kind of beach - no candy floss and kiss me quick hats here!

Isn't it beautiful?

I love these little pink flowers I think they are called thrift.

On Saturday we went to a National Trust property near Caenarvon called Dinefwr. Bit grey and gothic looking isn't it but inside it was lovely and we were encouraged to touch things and try out life below stairs by cleaning some shoes etc. Since my childhood was spent mainly below stairs although not in quite such a mansion I was interested to see the kitchen which was my mother's domain but that apparently is in another building and the National Trust doesn't own that or not yet!

There was a derelict castle in the grounds and from the top of that we had 360 degree panoramic views of the surrounding countryside - stunning.

The parkland was green and lush...

and the bluebell woods so beautiful with that amazing colour and the perfume wafting on the breeze.

I was in heaven!

This fallen tree called out to me to use it as a sort of source of inspiration in some way ... any ideas?

Aren't these tulips great? I loved their blowsy bright colours don't you?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend - those of us in the UK are in for some more warm sunshine I gather - let's make the most of it!


  1. I haven't visited this part of Wales since my student days when I wasn't looking at the scenery very much, and only know it through reputation. The beach looks wonderful and the rest of your photographs give a great impression of the area. May be one day ...

  2. Super pictures, Jane. Glad you had such a good time (and weather was kind)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful break & how nice to meet up with a fellow blogger.
    Lovely photos and those tulips are gorgeous.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  4. What a wonderful post. The countryside there looks beautiful and I enjoyed all your pictures.The bluebell wood looks gorgeous with the light through the trees and the tulips are stunning too.

  5. Fantastic snaps Jane. You're right - so much better to have beaches like that rather than the commercial ridden ones. I've never seen tulips like that before - beautiful!

  6. So good of you to take us on your little holiday. I love to see the wild flowers and the bluebells are very special aren't they?

  7. It was lovely going along with you on your trip, the landscape really is beautiful.
    We have had some wonderful holidays in Wales with the children, and we'll always treasure those memories.

  8. Jane you paint a lovely adventure! Tulips are very bold! Have a great sunshine weekend, heaven knows we deserve a wee bit of vitamin D!

  9. beautiful photos... nice to visit your blog. bridgetx (west australian in hertfordshire - i hope your daughters travels are going well)

  10. Thank you for popping over to my blog. Nice to meet you.
    I long to go to Wales. My paternal grandmother was from Wales and I feel inexplicably proud to have that drop of Welsh blood in me. It would take me about five minutes to pick up the accent because whenever I hear it, my tongue seems to want to dance in tune!
    Am off to find your London post. xx

  11. Gorgeous pictures - what a beautiful area you visited :)

  12. Loving those tulips and lucky you to have met Lesley. Glad you had a wonderful time over in Wales.

  13. The fallen tree looks like a flower to me.

  14. What a lovely trip and stunning photography. You have definitely encouraged me to put this on my places to visit list!

    Thanks for your lovely comments :-)

  15. lovely that you could meet a fellow blogger. Lesley seems to be a very nice person.

    The beach is my sort of beach to. Absolutely stunning....and yes the little plant is thrift.
    Bees love it!!

    The weather here is very warm....25C today.
    Hope the sun is shining on you.....

  16. Jane,
    These photos are lovely. They make me realise how lucky I am to live here. Lucky too to have met you as well. So glad you had a good time here. You're a welcome visitor any time. Lesley x

  17. My mother in law use to live in Fishguard and we have spent many lovely days in Pembrokeshire, it is such a beautiful place.

  18. Wonderful photos from your trip to Pembrokeshire Jane. It's great that you and Lesley arranged to meet up.

    The weather was kind this weekend and makes you realise what a beautiful country we live in, especially when bathed in glorious sunshine.


  19. The tulips are georgous! I will most likely never make it across the ocean to visit your country, or Wales, so thank you for the beautiful photos.

  20. Well I have scrolled through pages and pages of your posts and did not come across Sherborne. Must have been looking through the wrong labels.

    Interesting to see that apart from the Welsh ones I have posted on all the same places as you. Villages and National Trust properties. One place I have not come across is Wedmor so enjoyed that. Always interesting to see another person's take on places.


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