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Saturday, 22 May 2010

The beautiful game!!

I hadn't intended posting again so soon but when I came across this little article I just had to share it with you. Those of you who liked the post about the sweaters for chickens here will love this.....

Obviously someone on their editorial team had a great sense of humour - I loved it and imagine when eating one's egg and soldiers knowing that hen that laid the egg had enjoyed a nice game of football!! The mind boggles at the thought of obstacle courses and musical entertainment doesn't it - I wonder if they also have egg and spoon races?!!

This was the scenery we passed today en route for the supermarket where I picked up the paper with the above article.

It's obviously not just Pembrokeshire which has cow parsley and red campion in the hedgerows either (there were a few bluebells too) This was in the car park in Bridport.

Isn't this so quintessentially English? This was on the way back to the car - as you can see we have had a fabulous summery day here hope you have all enjoyed some similar weather. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. What a hoot! Oo sorry should that be squawk! That doesn't look right either! Never mind great story and lovely pictures.

  2. Wonderful - those fine ladies are the ones who lay our breakfast eggs, so nice to meet them!

    Hope you're enjoying this fabulous weather.

    Kate x

  3. It reads like an April Fool Day joke doesn't it?

    You've got some great scenery where you live - love the photo of the church.

    Enjoy the rest of this beautiful, sunny weekend.

    Jill x

    PS - the pics over on my blog were taken at Jephson Park in Leamington Spa.

  4. Oh the article about the chicken was hysterical! I loved it. The view at the parking lot was very english and of course beautiful.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Glad you like the hexagons and in answer to your question, yes, the design will be totally random. I will have a bit of a play, but I don't intend to make flowers or wheels or anything like that. I just want it to be a visual feast! Dev x

  6. Great story Jane - as long as they don't start kicking their eggs around! What a lovely part of the world you live in, we've holidayed at West Bay and Beaminster and made many visits to Bridport at the time. And hopefully will do so again.

  7. Incredible. What a great story!
    Just love your local scenery. Lucky you

  8. What a funny article! The pictures are so amusing.
    The views on your way to the supermarket are splendid and so is the one overlooking the Church in Bridport. I think that England is a very beautiful country and I am very glad to live here.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  9. Lovely views, and yes very English - just perfect.

    My hubby remembers his Mum having that tin as well. I'll have to ask her if she still has it!

  10. Yes, but do they understand the offside rule?!

  11. Hi Jane
    I seem to have missed a couple of your posts. I love the footballing chooks!
    Thanks for sharing your holiday snaps too. Oh, the comment you left on Cheryl's blog (My Wildlife Sanctuary) regarding a seed swap - I'll gladly take part in that!


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