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Sunday, 22 November 2009


Hasn't the weather been dire this weekend? Rain, rain and more rain. One advantage of all the enforced being indoors was that I have got on with some more crafting and have made a couple more hearts and a flower corsage to send to friends along with their Christmas cards. This time I was inspired by the hearts that Pomona showed us on her blog "Little Cottage Comforts" the other day. I am pleased with the way they turned out and I used the lovely yarn that was left from my swap gift from Alhana back in August. Made a change from the coloured cotton ones anyway!

I promised that with this next post I would announce a giveaway. I took your advice and bought a couple of lottery tickets but I am sorry to say there will be no cheque for £1000s amongst the items in my giveaway as needless to say I didn't win - my luck didn't extend to lottery prizes after all!

However I have put together a few little items which may interest you and they are:

A pretty little tin containing some white buttons

A scrap of cotton/viscose fabric enough for a sachet or to use in patchwork

A small sample of embroidered silk these last 2 were from a sample book of expensive fabrics I bought at a flea market - the silks were priced at £89 per metre!

A piece of lovely cotton bought in Limoges and intended for a dress which didn't turn out as I hoped and supposed to be from the Nina Ricca Fashion house - it certainly does have a lovely feel.

More scraps of cotton - the yellow one is a Laura Ashley from 1980s and a further scrap of orange from I know not where!

Acouple of motifs - again cotton might be useful for card making perhaps?

Some pieces of broderie Anglaise and a length of Santa braid from Germany - 4 or 5 Santas long - would be good to decorate a stocking perhaps.

Some hand crocheted trimming in cotton - enough to trim a hand towel or pillowslip

Some pretty gift tags with raffia strings along with a bookmark bought at a Stourhead (remember my Stourhead post?)

I will also add to these bits and bobs one of my little knitted hearts - let me know what colour you'd prefer and will add a surprise or two from my hand made items.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to leave a comment on my blog and on 1st December I will draw the winner from those who have commented and let you know who is the winner..

I do hope you will want to join in - I am feeling a bit like Cathy from Menopausal Musings now!

I leave you with a picture of the Gold Medalist doing what he does best - which is the cat and which is the cushion?


  1. What a wonderful giveaway - you are generous! Thank you for the mention: I do love your hearts - they are so beautiful, and I adore the colour combination and the way you have done the embellishment. I can't believe that cat - what did you do to him to make him sit just so?!

    Pomona x

  2. Lovely cat - I think he's named Tom, is he? Ours is a male too.

    Lovely giveaway too - I really love the things you've put together, and would personally love to win a heart in that rather sea green/blue that you have in the link. Can we make a link to your giveaway on our blogs, please?

    Looking forward to your Advent posts - thanks for joining in!

  3. aww, wonderful works!!!:( sorry you didn't win(it's always the same for me too-no luck with lottery!)..Love the hearts, and love this post!:)

  4. I would have never imagined the yarn I sent you could be meant to become such nice knitted hearts. I must confess I didn't recognize them! They are lovely with those red accents.

    May I join your giveaway too? I am not good at sewing but this could be the oportunity I need to give it a try and learn once and for all.

    Did the Gold Medalist pose as a model for that cushion? He is so cute!

  5. Oh what a lovely giveaway! So generous of you. I love the hearts and would be thrilled with any of the colours you choose if I were lucky enough to win. Great shot of puss too x

  6. What a lovely giveaway, i would love to be put in the draw. If yours wins the Gold, mine would be a close second!

  7. Hi Jane, lovely giveaway you have a very good eye for selections of things that go together really well.
    Linda x

  8. Boy that cat sure knows how to pose :o)

  9. What a treasure trove. I'd love to take part in your draw - and I love the cat and the cushion what a poser.

  10. I love the hearts! What a beautiful giveaway too! I keep reading your comments on other blogs, thought I should finally stop by and say hello. It's lovely here.

  11. I love the matching cat & cushion! Oh your lovely knitted hearts - my favorite! Fabulous giveaway, you are very generous.
    Have a great Monday!
    PS - the little crochet bag i made for my laptop is just multicoloured yarn.

  12. What cute knitted hearts! I can crochet but can't handle dropped stitches that come with knitting. I highly admire all those who can! Looking forward to the Advent posts as well. :)

  13. Such a likeness - the cat and cushion that is!

    ... and your hearts are wonderful I love the colours you've used.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina xxx

  14. Hi Jane! I love your white-grey-red hearts.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog.
    Have a lovely week!

  15. Sorry for being so late in joining in on the comments.... I have been crocheting!!!!! :O).....Lovely giveaway and a super looking moggy!

  16. Oh what lovely gift it will make!

    Just commenting, not participating :-) Don't have a lot of time to admire things, and not a lot of time for thinking out what to do with them, so certainly not taking the chance of depriving some other lovely person to get these lovely things!

    Your hearts are sooo nice!

  17. wow lots of stuff!! I love it all, i like both hearts but if i had to chose one i would choose the one on the left! have a nice week.
    Lucy xx

  18. Oh your cat is almost the image of the cushion - so sweet!
    Generous giveaway Jane, particularly the embroidered silk - I remember when you came home from the flea-market with those lovelies!
    Love your little knitted hearts.
    Jeanne x

  19. what a nice thought - this rain is getting to me so to win such a delightful parcel would be good!!!

  20. I've never been to a giveaway before, how exciting! Your hearts are just beautiful and so is the broderie anglaise and santa ribbon. Actually, it's all wonderful and so generous of you too. (Sorry you didn't win the lottery)
    Kate x

  21. What a lovely lot of goodies you are giving away, I particularly like the hearts you've made but best of all I like that cat.

  22. I have just found your blog, through PFG and love those knitted hearts, so neat. Black and white cat lives here also.

  23. Your giveaways are just lovely. I also love your cat! How gorgeous, & what a perfect cushion!

  24. Hi there, I have loved browsing your blog, I am a fellow adventer over from Floss'

  25. I adore your knitted hearts, they really are quite lovely. And your giveaway, well, wow, definitely worth winning, there are so many pretties!

  26. I have just found your blog whilst browsing the pause in advent posts. The knitted hearts are so cute! I may have to learn to knit soon. xx


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