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Monday, 9 November 2009

This and That

I am glad you seemed to like my previous post about the pony! Thank you to all those of you who visited and left a comment always much appreciated..

Today it will be a bit of a mixed bag and as it is a miserable foggy November day here today I thought you might like to see some photos I took on a recent visit to RHS gardens at Wisley along with some of the quotes I promised to share with you some time ago..

This is the huge glasshouse at Wisley which houses a fantastic collection of plants all set out in a natural looking environment. Sadly the orchid section which is usually stunning, and the only way I really like to see orchids, was closed that day but the following were some of the plants and views from inside the glass house:

"To live at all is miracle enough"

Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas they are in your own backyard if you but dig for them - Russell H Conwell

"Listen to the silence, it has much to say"

"All his life a man struggles to reach the top of the ladder only to discover that it is against the wrong wall!!

Not sure if this little robin's name was Reginald too!

Having wandered round inside long enough we then made our way to the restaurant across the gardens and these are obviously the outdoor photos:

"Who you are is someone who has the power within to create a heaven on earth for yourself and to radiate a piece of that heaven out to everyone whose life touches yours!

"Joy is a sign that creative emotion is fulfilling its purpose" - Albert Einstein

I will be posting later today on Living in the Limousin so do pop over and see me there too. I am off to yoga now - have a good week.


  1. Those photos of glorious Wisley are just the thing to brighten up this dull November day - I love Reginald the Robin!

    Glad to see you've linked to your new blog - I was just about to ask for a reminder as I had lost the previous link you sent me! Will be popping over at lunch-time!

    Jeanne x

    PS Thank you Jane, for your comment on today's poem. x

  2. Just catching up - I had missed the pony! What a wonderful way to travel. I think the photo of the robin is rather special - you know they are messengers from heaven, so that was definitely a special day for you!

    Pomona x

  3. Love your post Jane lovely place and inspiring quotes to accompany them!
    Words and plants are always entwined for me.
    Looks like you had a lot to view!

  4. Those photo's definately cheered up the day! My brother raves about Wisley and we keep meaning to go, so a place go next year when the weather improves I think!

  5. What a pleasant post today. Love to see that somewhere still has some color. The robin is a great capture.

    By the way, I'm not really into the circus, but the colors of the circus....he-he..

  6. Ohhh Nice!

    I love the quote with the silence that has so much to tell! SO right!

    Nice pictures :-) You'll have to go back take some pictures of those orchids! ;)


  7. Love the place..wish we had such a place here too.
    I would surely spend many of my days there!
    Great photos-as always!-
    And the them!
    You make my day Jane!
    Take care,

  8. Great pictures on a dismal November day. Loved the robin!

  9. Lovely views of Wisley, driven past many times, but never stopped for a visit. Enjoyed your quotes too.

  10. lovely!! i love the RHS gardens, i have visited one in particular 'hallow Carr' is that is how you spell it, they are always lovely and peaceful!!
    Lucy xx

  11. Loving Reggie the robin! Congratulations - you have won my giveaway so please let me have your address and I'll forward your prize! -

  12. Haven't been to Wisley for years so that was a lovely catch up. Thank you Jane x

  13. What a wonderful journey to take us on, love the robin too, they are so cheeky!! :)

  14. I love Wisley, but I haven't been for years - we always seem to drive past it and never have the time to stop.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  15. What a lovely garden! The robin is something I associate with winter approaching. They are lovely to look at.

    I enjoyed reading the quotes, I totally agree with them!

    Isabelle x

  16. Both beautiful and inspirational - thanks. I liked the 'wrong ladder' quotation particularly (obviously I am a cynic).

    Son 2 needs your first quote tonight because he is mourning the loss of one of his preying mantises. It's an unusual hobby but he takes them very seriously...


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