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Thursday, 12 November 2009

What is it?

I have been knitting today - fancied a change from hearts...

Can you think what it might be?

Now this is a family blog so no it isn't anything risque!

Any nearer ?

Now does it look like anything?

Amazing what a few stitches and a bit of trimming can do isn't it? I had intended to make her a fairy or even an angel but the wings defeated me unless anyone of you clever bloggers can come up with an idea?

And here is one I made earlier but he is awaiting his beard which I am not sure how to do - any ideas?
Now it is a very long time since I had any knowledge of small children so I have no idea if they will be suitable for a 5 year old boy and a 6 year old girl - what do you think?

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  1. Lovely! Unless your 5 and 6 year old are mini-adult-type children, I think they will love them - I know my two would have at that age! Some children get told to grow up too quickly, though - I know some of my sons' friends were told to stop playing with 'little kids' toys at that age (sadly).

    You really had me guessing with the first few photos!

  2. You can use a loop stitch with thick sewing needle and wool, can't remember how to do it but I am sure a woman of your ingenuity will be able to figure it out. I vaguely remember it involved inserting the needle, pulling yarn through, leaving a loop of yarn before putting the needle back in.. but how it stayed looped...????? Back in the 80s I knitted loads of dolls like that, the basic sausage shape which you then stitch to creat the effect of arms and legs... you could go absolutely mad with ideas for them and they sold really well at school fairs.

  3. Oh dear - I thought from your first picture you were knitting a nice slice of cake!! Has to say something about me - but you little dolls are cute. Putting loops on them to hang on bags, zips etc could get over the "I'm too old for a doll" min-adult syndrome (such a shame) as mascots cross the age barrier.

  4. Wow. These are too fun. FabuLouS. I didn't go there... But I did think they were golf club covers at first. Silly me, they turned into great little characters...

  5. Hiya!
    at first I thought it was going to be hat!
    A very cute dooly!
    she is lovely!xxx

  6. Brilliant Jane I honestly thought it was a Victoria Sponge to start with....! very clever
    Linda x

  7. How lovely - she is so cute. I thought at first it was a hat - doh!

  8. Oh they're really sweet - you had me worried for a minute though!!
    Jeanne x

  9. I'm sure they'll love them. I can see them cuddling with these little cuties.

  10. They are gorgeous! I had no idea what you were making when I looked at the first few pics, draft excluder for a dolls house came to mind at the sausage stage, lol.

  11. I thought it was going to be cake too........ love the angel, just love it. :O)

  12. Lovely! I don't know what would a 5 year old child think about that but I am 30+ and would be thrilled to get one. :-)

  13. I would have said something risque at first! haha!

    The little mademoiselle is very cute!

    For the wings, you can do them separately and then damp them either in water with the same amount of liquid glue and then pin them up so it takes the right form. Or you do the same with a bowl with water and a lot of sugar.

    Where are you going to put the little girl? :)

  14. oh ps: I didnt actually read the "ps" for the children... ugh! the glue & sugar won't work then if playing with them!


  15. 'Oh' I think they would love them and they remind me of similar knitted toys I had as a child.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  16. Fabric stiffener might work for wings - or wire with gauze - or card? They are very sweet as they are, though!

    Pomona x

  17. hmmm... i suppose you could add fabric?? but they look great anyways :)
    have a nice week.
    Lucy xx

  18. I like Lucy's idea of fabric wings or perhaps a knitted heart could almost look like wings? I love them! Very clever and I think I might even be able to knit one of these.

  19. They are so cute. I know I would have loved them at 5 or 6 and still would! =)

  20. Oh this is ABSOLUTELY lovely...
    I wanna give it a's a very original idea of making a doll!
    :) you're really talented!!


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