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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Thank you

 I don't know how to thank you all so much for your very kind and supportive comments and especially to those of you who e-mailed me with your good wishes.  It is true that it is when you have problems that you find out who your friends are!  Thank you all so very much - I am deeply touched.

Just after my last post I went down with a horrid cold virus when I completely lost my voice - some might say that was a good thing but I have enough difficulty communicating with my husband, who is deaf, at the best of times and you can imagine how frustrating it was not to be able to raise more than a whisper!  My voice soon returned but then I was coughing day and night for over a week and it all seems to be taking forever to go and has left me feeling tired and a bit sorry for myself - not helped by the weather here in our neck of the woods where it has been grey and dismal with plenty of heavy showers!  The clocks going back an hour recently means that it is now dark enough to need the lights on soon after 4.00 which doesn't help lift the spirits either.  I want to curl up and hibernate till it's all over and the Spring is here and I feel better.

I now have an appointment for my scan to be done on 30th November and had planned to stay away till I had something to tell you - I am feeling something of a fraud now though as the eye problem seems to have improved somewhat although of course I still don't know what caused the sudden deterioration in my sight and hopefully will know more after the scan.  

I wonder if Kate at Harmony and Rosie who commented that perhaps it was "bloggers eye" might have something as I have realised just how much time I had been spending on the computer reading and posting and it is strange that the problem is much improved - might it be due to my leaving the blogosphere for a while?!  I will be back - you won't get off that lightly ! - but I will stay away for a bit longer as I don't want you to catch my low mood nor to undo any good that the rest may or may not have done for my sight.

The above photos are 1)  of the lovely walk we did one Sunday at the end of the Indian summer round Milborne Port   2)  and 3) of the walk we did on the Quantocks just before I went down with my virus.

See you all again in a few weeks and once more my heartfelt thanks for your concern and support.