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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Just back

 I've been away - wonder if you can guess where?

 I seem to have taken over 300 photos so it will take me a while to sort them out and do a blog post!

A travelogue will be posted asap for those of you who enjoy coming with me on my travels.  I hope to catch up with your blogs too in due course but have had computer problems up until now so everything technological has been delayed rather!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

A couple of videos for you for a change

I came across a lovely little film which I'd love to share - it's on this web page  I would love to think I might be like the lady in this film one of these days or maybe even now!

 And for something in complete contrast this one -whilst researching a book we'd seen mentioned called Lesser Known Weymouth we came across this little video -  I'm glad I didn't park my car on the lines near the harbour!

Normal posting will resume as soon as I get enough free time to write something!  Thanks you all for your comments on my previous post I am afraid I fell at the first hurdle regarding not using the oven as we were out of bread so I made some and then I had planned jacket potatoes for Monday lunch and then I had a friend to stay so the oven got used.