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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bits and bobs!

What's this lurking in my airing cupboard? Well you remember that lovely soft tops which I planned to spin into a fantastic rainbowed coloured yarn? I got the spinning wheel out the other day and tried to remember how it went and produced this!

"Could do better " - MUST do better I think! I can't remember how to ply the stuff whilst keeping the colours separate and not getting this wasp style yarn suitable only for a pullover for Dennis the Menace (although I think he favoured red and black didn't he?) So somewhat disheartened and it being time for tea anyway I put the wheel away and went on to the next thing as is my wont!

Yesterday I had a thought - I do occasionally you know! - and got some of the blue tops out and had a go at making some felt balls with a little more success than I had had with the spinning I must say! So the first picture is my little balls drying in the airing cupboard.

I wondered if I might use them together with the blue flower I made earlier - not yet finished off naturally - to make a corsage or bag ornament - what do they call those things you hang from your bag handle? Memory is going I'm afraid. I envisaged adding them hanging on cords or maybe a ribbon or 2. Might also felt some of the green tops to make some leaves.

At this rate there will be none left to practice spinning with will there? I enjoyed playing with it though and must have the cleanest hands in Christendom now after all that rolling of the soapy wool to get make the balls.

You can see why I never get anything done can't you? My visitors will be arriving the day after tomorrow and I am still faffing about with felt balls and nothing in the freezer nor beds made up or anything! Better go.


Later this evening::

Just finished off the bag thing-y. What do you think?


  1. Hey!

    I would see them great on a bag!

    Well... when your visitors come you can

    1) hide your balls in a stew... and they'll eat it

    2) throw the balls at them

    3) show of with your balls (crap, that's a bit of a misunderstanding sentence if you'de be a lad^^) and explain that well... you're a bit delayed!


  2. I knew the fact that I'd made balls would lead to some double entendres!!

  3. Lovely - a bag would be great! I really like those shades of blue.

    Pomona x

  4. Great felt balls and I love colour.

    Nina x

  5. Lovely bag charm, that's what I would call it anyway. Such pretty colours too. I love the twist to CT's swap, so exciting waiting for a parcel to arrive from who knows where, from who knows who? Dev x

  6. I LOVE the flower with the felt balls on the bag!!! It goes perfectly with the bag. Just love it, well done.

  7. I just love the bag with the flower - really pretty.

    Have a lovely time with your visitors too!


  8. Well, you've found a good use for your lovely creations. Your bag looks so fresh now. Enjoy going out with it!

  9. I love the bag charm, the colours great. That has just inspired me to create something out of beads!! hehe i love your blog adn would love you to come and pop over to mine :)
    Lucy x

  10. Love it, very clever and the colour are a treat for the eye!

    Anna x


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