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Friday, 16 October 2009

Lucky, lucky me!

The postman rang the bell yesterday and there were 2 for me. One was this lovely giveaway which I had won from Pippany at Pippany and the Poltisko Memoirs (If you are not familiar with Pippany's work do check out her website as she makes some really lovely things - just right for Christmas gifts for someone special or for yourself of course!)

Beautifully wrapped in soft green tissue

This is my little Hush Heart filled with lavender - a real garden scented lavender and not some horrid overpowering stuff.

A pretty label on the back

A flowered card with it

And see the dear little butterfly just about to settle on the patch of checked fabric - perhaps it's off to settle on those dinky flowers all hand embroidered there?
Thank you so very much Pippany for picking me for your giveaway.

Oh and the second letter was from the Inland Revenue informing me that I had overpaid and would be getting a refund - only £2.59 but still better than a bill - so my day was made!!!

The following are some of my creations which I found when having my sort out and which I thought you might like to see. This is a little pin cushion made using a Variety Pack from Texere Yarns and was inspired by a photo of a frosty morning I had back then.

This is another of my little crazy patchwork creations which I have framed.

And here is a fabric collage I made - not unlike the machine embroidered samples I posted yesterday is it?

And a little knitted heart
Think this is all for now - have a good weekend. We are hoping to go to Stourhead to see the autumn colour tomorrow - if the weather forecast is correct we should have a sunny clear day so it should be good. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Hello!

    such a happy post...filled with lovely hearts!

    Have a super weekend!xx

  2. What a treasure trove - have a lovely weekend.

  3. Ahh, I'm so glad you like it Jane! I love your frosty morning pin cushion. The colours are perfect and definitely evoke a chilly but beautiful morning. Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. Lucky you to win such a beautiful giveaway!! I love the little knitted heart that you made and of course I always adore you crazy patchwork.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.

  5. What hearty posts! :-)

    Everything looks lovely! hmm lavender! I actually just came home with a bag filled with Lush products, and I'm going strait away to have a Lavender Lushy bath! :D

    Take care!

  6. So much beauty! Have a lovely weekend!

    Anan x

  7. Wonderful little treasure you won there. Adorable. Such a sweet heart. Love those new letter in the post as well. And your last pictures are reall charmers.... Nice job

    Have a great weekend.

  8. 'Oooooohhhhhh' lucky you - Pipanys heart looks gorgeous.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  9. I like everything here. Pipany's work looks great so does yours. I love this last heart.
    Take Care!

  10. I am glad that you had such a nice day. All the Have a nice week
    Lucy x

  11. Lovely hush heart. A refund from the Inland Revenue? Its a miracle!!!! X

  12. What lovely goodies you have on show. I hope your day out is lovely... look forward to pics.

  13. Ooh Pipany's hearts are so lovely! I'm awaiting my Little House notebook in Autumn to arrive any day soon!

    Your work is lovely too Jane - any thoughts to an Etsy shop? ...

    Hope you had a great day at Stourhead.

    Jeanne x

  14. Lovely things indeed! Hope Stourhead was good. Its one my favourite places......

  15. lovely post Jane, liked your giveaway pressie, and loved your assorted works...busy lady!
    Linda x


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