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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Thrice blest!

Having won but one prize in my life before starting blogging I have in the past few months been lucky enough to win not one but 3 giveaways! I shall have to stop joining in in future as winning any more would be just too much!!

I am completely overwhelmed by the generosity of my fellow bloggers. That you should take such trouble to package up such lovely gifts and pay the exhorbitant postage rates to send them to people you have never met I find incredible!
Having been lucky enough to win one of Pippany's lovely hand embroidered hearts a while back I would have thought myself fortunate indeed but no more was to come!
Next I won Wendy at Ticking Stripes' giveaway. This huge package I collected from the sorting office on Monday evening since the postman had been unable to deliver it on Saturday. What fun it was unwrapping it all - so beautifully packed and with this lovely cupcake notecard too even the tape used to seal the envelope it came in was worthy of a photo!

Inside was this lovely tin - I love the design and those greens will look great in my kitchen - if I can decide that it would be better there than in my craft room (junk room perhaps would be more accurate but craft room sounds better!).

Also in the package were these beautiful coathangers covered with a lovely Liberty fabric - I will enjoy using those. Sadly I seem to have photographed them from the back as on the other side of each was a tiny pearl button.

A chocolate scented candle that smells good enough to eat - I wonder if I can be persuaded to light it?! And some vintage labels - perhaps I will use those in my scrapbooking or for another project - I can't wait!

Some pretty notecards with delicate yellow envelopes....

A lovely white sachet bag and a square of beautiful printed velvet which I am already imagining made up into a patchwork bag with some leather pieces I have.
Many thanks to you Wendy - I love it all!

Then yesterday yet another big parcel arrived - this time I didn't need to fetch it as we were at home when the postman delivered. This time it was from Liz at Lululiz in Lalaland and again was all beautifully wrapped in different coloured tissue paper. I felt as if Christmas had arrived early as I opened the numerous little packages and the oohs and aaahs came thick and fast!

This package too had a pretty card with it and contained such an array of goodies I hope my photos can do them justice! This colourful striped cloth, and some facial polisher (need a bit of that I can tell you!)

A pretty embroidered traycloth along with some fabulous crystal beads, some velvet ribbon (is that from your recently acquired stash Liz? If so double thank you for parting with any of it!) some pretty braid, some fun pink spotted ribbon, some super chunky white buttons and a flower corsage with such a lovely centre!

These lovely scraps of vintage fabrics all in lovely toning shades and a length of beautiful old lace

A crochet doiley, pretty lavender sachet made in some lovely vintage French fabric, some daisies, some pretty delicate lace on a little card and a big green button which would be great as a fastener for a bag or on a chunky knitted cardi. Can see those fabrics and lace flowers, ribbons etc along with some of the beads all being incorporated into a piece of my crazy patchwork

Last but by no means least such a pretty plate - I adore it - together with a piece of Liz's hand made soap and all with a beautiful hand made tote bag with appliqued doggie - isn't he great?!

To you Liz a huge Thank you too.

As this is my 60th post I feel I should reciprocate in some way so watch this space as I am planning my own giveaway - though I doubt I will be offering quite such beautiful varied parcels as Wendy and Liz. Must dash now but I will put my thinking cap on and maybe with my 61st post will have an offer you can't afford to miss!!


  1. Well done you! What a lovely collection of goodies to find new homes for.x

  2. Well, I've been charting your progress with interest and I do think you've been incredibly lucky! You could carry on joining in though, you really could - either your luck will change and you'll go back to being like the rest of us, or we'll just have to live with it! Over the last year I've won several things, including a stripy cloth just like yours from Liz! Now we can match when we're cleaning...

  3. I am so glad it arrived safely and that you like the bits and pieces. And yes, the velvet ribbon is from the recent stash, lol, isn't it just gorgeous? As Floss said, you carry on going for the giveaways, it brings a little harmless excitement into our lives.

  4. Hello, I've popped over from Jeanne's Tales of a Cottage Garden to join in the conversation. What lovely hauls you have, lucky you - perhaps you should try the lottery next!


  5. Well done you - what gorgeous goodies. You are obviously on a roll of good luck Jane, I would buy some extra Lottery tickets if I were you!!

    Jeanne x

  6. I have taken on board your suggestions Kate and Jeanne and have bought 2 lottery tickets, one for tonight and one for Saturday. If my luck holds I can offer the biggest (moneywise)giveaway ever!!


  7. Congrats on your cute winning treasures. Just snuck in to check out what I've been missing the last few day. Wonderful post.

  8. Congratulations, Jane! Looks like you hit the jackpot. I can see your patchwork basket growing too with all those beautiful additions. :-)

  9. Good for you I say and may you keep on being lucky.

  10. Wow!!! Christmas did come early! What lovely things! :-)

  11. What a hoard of delicious very envious...just like buses, giveaways come in threes!

  12. What lovely things to get - parcels in the post are always so exciting, and yours look absolutely wonderful!

    Pomona x

  13. Lucky girl, you have done really well! So many lovely things, I like them all. It must have been so nice unwrapping them all!
    Enjoy your gifts.
    Isabelle x

  14. If we touch our screens, will your good luck rub off on us? Well done you! :O)

  15. Lucky you! Perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket!

  16. Aren't giveaways fantastic and so exciting!? I think it is really kind when people do them.
    I hope you enjoy your gifts and continue with you good luck.

  17. Well done Jane! BET YOU WILL HAVE FUN NOW!!!
    Linda X

  18. aww, lovely gifts!!!Enjoy them :) I love gifts :D

    thank you for this lovely post!!!

  19. Lovely post full of gorgeous goodies! Aren't Bloggers just the Best People!


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