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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bank Holiday Monday

I know I said I wouldn't be at the computer as often but just wanted to share with you some pictures taken on a walk I did yesterday with my sister-in-law. We went to Montacute house from where we did a walk to St Michael's Hill which is topped with a tower which we climbed.

Montacute is a pretty village about 4 miles from where I live with lots of lovely yellow Hamstone cottages and houses.

The path went through the village and then across a field and up the slope of the hill.

UP, up, puff puff! Good job I wanted to take photos as it gave me an excuse to stop!
From the tower atop the hill.

On the way down again now...

Back to the village via a different route.

Plenty of photo opportunities in this village!

This is where we came in..

We then wended our way into the NT property for a coffee and a slice of lovely cake and to the shop where we purchased a couple of plants before setting off home for lunch - memo to self: must stop eating between meals as I am now heavier than I have ever been apart from when pregnant!

I am still popping in now and again to see what you are all up to and came across this post on Sue's blog Mouse at Seems such a simple idea and one I intend to incorporate into my day - perhaps using some of the moments saved by not being on the computer so much!


  1. Thank you for the lovely walk, I really enjoyed it, and so want to live in a village one day.

  2. What a lovely walk, thank you for taking us with you. It sounds like my kind of day out.
    The village is SO BEAUTIFUL!
    I too always use the "Wait! I need to take some photos" line when I find myself huffing and puffing, great excuse!!

  3. Thank for for the vitual walk, I have only ever been to the house. There is something about Montacute, the village is so quiet no matter what time of day.

  4. What a pretty part of the country - your photographs give a real feel of the place. I especially like the beech trees roots and the view over the gate to the wisteria in the court yard is beautiful.
    Don't be so hard on yourself - if you feel like a computer browse do it, if the outside calls, go. It's been horrible today here - computer's a good place to be especially when I can take a virtual tour!

  5. I really enjoyed that virtual walk, thank you - Montacute village looks a beautiful place to live.
    Our little clan visited Hidcote Manor Gardens in Gloucestershire yesterday - a stunning NT garden and well worth a visit.

  6. Those blue doors are so French-looking to me now! I love Montacute - I went there with a friend for a birthday picnic (probably here 12th birthday?) years and years ago. And the link to the quiet moments post is very relevant to me right now - thanks.

  7. Thanks for your email- I just tried to reply but your server has blacklisted (as do so many) so it bounced back to me. Just to say thanks for thinking of us and all is well - that post was a scheduled one which popped up too soon, so I just reset it come back at the right time... annoying when that happens, isn't it?

  8. Love this part of the country, the stone is such a lovely shade and t all looks so peaceful. It's been a real inside day here - torrential rain all morning - so these photos really brightened my day.

  9. What a pretty village and a lovely walk, thanks for sharing it with us

  10. What a lovely walk , Jane. You know how I love all things English so I will gaze at the photos a bit more.
    On the topic of silence I have to say I love a bit of quiet on my own so I can think. Oh I love the tellie too and do my share of watching it or even leaving it going and NOT watching it but when no-one's home the house is often silent so I can just think and plan and organise myself.
    Hope you drop in to see me some times. I'll miss you if you stay away too long.

  11. Such a pretty village and as you say plenty of photo opportunities.

    I love the trees with the exposed roots.......just wanted to sit there for a while and study them.......

    Eating between meals is just so easy. I have learned to stop doing it, as like you my waist was expanding.

    Beautiful photographs of a beautiful live in a lovely part of UK.

  12. Jane,
    Lovely photos. I am so fond of the hamstone buildings in your part of the country. Fascinating post that you pointed me to as well. I would love silence again but my tinnitus is too bad for that. It was a super 'tranquil' read though. Hope you're enjoying your visitors and this lovely weather! Lesley x

  13. Beautiful, beautiful photographs. Very peaceful looking. Love the wisteria in particular, something I have never had in any of the places I have lived. Maybe its time to rectify that........

  14. What a beautiful village and such lovely photos. I hope that you have a nice time with your visitors and that you will still have some time to visit our blogs.
    Lucy xxxx

  15. Really lovely photos, thank you SO much for sharing. The village looks like it belongs in a story book - the houses are just idyllic and very sweet.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  16. Thankyou for taking the time to share your lovely photos. I am always so impressed with how plants seem to flourish so well in pots in England. I have little luck with mine here in OZ. I did have luck in NZ.
    An Astrologer once told me I would be much luckier in my native land! It does seem so.

  17. You live in such a beautiful place, how wonderful to have such a charming village so close to your home. I would have loved to have seen it in person, so thank you for the photos.


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