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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

What on earth?!

At last! I have been meaning to get a post done but the computer or the camera has been playing silly whatsits and when I loaded my photos onto the computer they were not in the correct order and there were more than one of some of them! When I tried to sort them out I somehow ended up with over 300 of the things. I was getting in a paddy and all for deleting the lot but luckily my husband has more patience than I do with things techinical and has sorted them out into the different days for me so I will be able to do a French week post - not just now though as the sun is shining and I want to get out in the garden for a bit.

To keep you going till I get back to my blog I thought Id leave you with this! On our first day with our friends we went to a chateau where there was an exhibition of modern art on the theme "Who am I?" and this was the only piece I could make head (pardon the pun) or tail of. In case you don't read French it is about having one head like everyone else but wanting to sprout 2 more - one for thinking, one for dreaming and one for creating - I think, I dream, I create therefore I am!! Don't say you don't get variety in this blog!!!


  1. Oh I don't know Jane, I think one head is enough for anyone!! lol
    Vivienne x

  2. That is a very interesting concept! I think women have the ability to think, create and dream all at the same time with just the one head, don't you?? Multi-tasking of thoughts - so you can do practical things while dreaming of the next creative thing - well that's how my mind works anyway!
    Helen x

  3. Well it is certainly different and definitely colourful!

  4. Interesting concept Jane.Glad you got the cpomputer glitch sorted so we ccan see more of your French pics x

  5. I must be terribly old fashioned, I think that monstrosity is horrid! Give me some beautiful 19thC garden statue any day.

  6. Oh Jane somehow I missed this post . Blogger is doing some weird things with blogs I follow.
    I'm very impressed with your French but I guess when you live there you pick it up very quickly. I know we were coming along quite well in our four weeks.
    Love the artwork and love the story behind it. I think all art would benefit from an explanation like that from the maker.

  7. The sculpture makes me think of The Pompidou Centre in Paris.....


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