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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

December colour post

Brrr! It's freezing and dull here today so some December colour is definitely called for. I had this post all ready as a draft and when I posted it just now it appeared below the last post and was dated 28 November - is there a way to move a post? I ended up deleting it and am doing it all again!

These flower photos are from the archives although I do still have some geraniums in bloom in the unheated conservatory which is very cheering.

Here is some colourful ribbon weaving in progress - was hoping to make some tree decorations like the ones in the photo below to take to Surrey with me for a get together on Friday but I gather they have had snow all day yesterday so maybe I won't be going!

Thank you for all your kind comments on the death of my camera. I don't think Santa is going to come up trumps this year since as you may remember I resolved not to give any presents this year and so cannot expect to receive any either! However this afternoon we have a lady coming from ELSA (English Longitudinal Study of Aging - research into aging which we have been involved in for nearly 10 years) to interview us and as it takes a couple of hours we get paid £20 each so my cheque can go towards a new camera can't it!! Some advantages in getting older eh?!
Hope those of you in the UK are keeping warm - remember only 3 more colour posts till Spring and the days will begin getting longer in just under 3 weeks - can't be all bad can it?!!


  1. Lovely ribbon weaving......... Re a new camera: remember when mine died just before Christmas last year? My less than well off son bought me one for my birthday and it was only £40. It has done me for a year now and even though there are ones I lust after it really has done the job! Keep warm. :O))

  2. Hi Jane
    Perhaps you can manage to find a good second-hand camera. There are normally lots on eBay, nothing wrong with them, just that people want something with more megapixels! I love your weaving - very colourful (and the Christmassy, crafty topbar is great). Loving the small amount of snow we have here in North Wales, not least because I have two days holiday work, so can spend ages looking out the window at the birds in the snow enjoying their seed and suet treats, instead of washing down the kitchen units which is what I'm supposed to be doing.
    A study on ageing - I'm intrigued..??!

  3. The ribbon weaving is pretty! Do you do anyof the online surveys? You get paid money/vouchers to spend in shops from them. I use mine on Amazon normally (£20 of Xmas presents this month for doing surveys!), but it could help toward money for a new camera? I generally use Valued opinions and MySurvey (should appear if typed into google). :) x

  4. What a lovely colourful treat. I always wish I'd brought a few geraniums in. Once upon a time I would keep cuttings of geraniums and fuchsia all winter and have a parafin stove going over frosty nights.
    I think you could use some of your not buying Christmas present money towards your camera too - but I bet some of these pretty decorations end up as gifts. We would be very sorry if we didn't have the 'gift' of your pictures on our screens.

  5. Love all that colour! It is really cold here today.. not snow, just bitterly cold! Like you, I need a new camera. Mine now only takes outdoor pictures and the flash just over-exposes. I might try to take it somewhere for repair.. when I am brave enough to go anywhere!! Keep warm, Lizzie xx

  6. I miss flowers. My geraniums are probably in bloom; I need to remind my husband to water them a little every now and then. Thanks for the dose of colour!

  7. Lovely to see a some colour, everything's a bit white at the moment!!
    The ribbon weaving is gorgeous, very cheerful!
    Hope you can make your trip on Friday!!
    Vivienne x

  8. Hi Jane, what a bright and colourful post. Very cheering on this dull day.....

    Love how you are making use of the are so talented. I would not know where to begin.

    Of course you must put the 20 pounds towards a new camera. I see Dan has suggested ebay for a secondhand camera.....I had the same thought.....

  9. The ornaments you made are so pretty! Love the ones in your header, too.

  10. Lovely ribbon ornament, Jane, so nice and cheerful.

  11. I love the pink geraniums! And seeing the other flowers too - makes you realise how much you miss them with all this snow around! Your ribbon weaving looks beautiful, and the ornaments are so pretty.
    Hope you manage to go on your trip - you just never know which bit of the country is going to be snowed on next!
    Helen x

  12. I love the ribbon weaving and I've never seen anything like it before. Really beautiful. Love your new banner too. :-)

  13. Loads of colour to brighten up the days here Jane. The ribbon weaving is great and the colours reminded me of the photo on Jill's blog (last one I read before yours) of her neighbour's pegs on the washing line. Some colour combinations are just so right together. I love the decorations too and the new header for the festive season! Lesley x

  14. Lovely colourful post to brighten the day, love the ribbon weaving....


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