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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Roses and Fish!

Thank you all for so many kind comments and sorry that I cannot comment on some of your posts whilst Blogger is being such a B****er! I can only comment on those blogs which have a pop up box or a separate page for their comments. If you are not getting many visitors it could be that like me they can't get through and you might think of changing to a pop up box or separate page at least until Blogger gets its act together! I am seriously thinking of giving up blogging till then anyway as today I had the added problem of mixed fonts which I couldn't change (the font button has just returned!) and am still having trouble with spacing.

Spent a happy few hours last Thursday browsing round the little town of Beaminster with a friend. We both pass through Beaminster en route for each others homes but never actually stop there so we decided to meet up and have a wander round. In spite of the rain it seemed a pretty little town with plenty of golden stone cottages many of which were covered with roses like this one. That enormous rose was growning in the weeniest of patches of earth against the wall - amazing!

Here is another just next to the pretty church again with its complement of roses and some hollyhocks although their hollyhocks are nowhere near as big as mine which seem to enjoy where I have planted them and are far too big for their situation. (see below - pity about the ugly white meter box eh?!

There are many little individual shops and in each of the ones we went into we got chatting to the shopkeepers and so have decided that we need to go back another day to see the rest as time ran out on Thursday!
I don't usually include anything of a political nature in my posts since I know that we don't all think alike and don't want to cause any offence but I had an e-mail this morning from the Fish Fight people and in case any of those of you in Europe are not aware of what is going on I will post a link to the info here (it is available in several European languages) and you might want to consider joining the campaign if you haven't already. Hugh also has a blog which you may be interested in here.

PS Yiota's idea works as you will see - so anyone else having probs with spacing might like to take her advice too!


  1. Those hollyhocks are massive, have you been feeding them??? I love pretty little Towns like Beaminster especially if they have a few shops to browse in or a tea rooms, Lucey x PS I've had trouble leaving comments too but if I don't tick the keep me signed in box that seems to work. x

  2. Crikey, your Hollyhocks are enormous! Mine are nowhere near that size.

    I don't think I've been to Beaminster so I must make that a priority.

  3. I have exactly the same problem with Blogger, and can only comment on those with pop up boxes. It has been going on too long.

  4. It would be wonderful to have roses growing around the door like that, imagine the scent! Those hollyhocks are brilliant too.
    This fish business really makes me cross, as a vegetarian I can't see why they can't leave the poor creatures be anyway!!
    Vivienne x

  5. I've never been to Beaminster, looks a lovely place, perhaps I will get there one day

    I can't leave comments on blogs that have the select a profile.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Such a pretty place - I wonder what they feed their hollyhocks on?

    Pomona x

  7. Sooo glad its not just me losing bits of the blog - I'm so used to getting things wrong I thought I was the culprit as usual!
    I have some lovely ladies who reply via my e-mail link I allow on my profile, is that of any use to anyone? Love the photo's on previous post - can't beat those raindrops!

  8. Am I right in thinking you pronounce Bea-minster Bemm-inster?
    Lovin your hollyhocks :-)

  9. Beaminster looks like a lovely place and the climbing rose looks to be thriving with its restricted roots. Your Hollyhocks are fine specimans! I have never had any luck trying to grow them so far.

  10. I wonder how do you keep having those problems with blogger. Did you try a different browser? I use Firefox and can comment on all kind of blogs.

    Anyway, those flowers look lovely on the walls! Summer is about to start fiercely down here in Spain, we expect a sudden rise of temperatures as soon as the rain goes. Enjoy your beautiful spring! :-)

  11. I've changed my comment box to pop up and managed to sign out of Blogger by using a different browser. It's time the problem was sorted though, I agree.

  12. A very pretty place! Blogger has been temperamental for me too! Cx

  13. Hi there!
    About spacing:
    dashboard > settings > basic > select post aditor > updated editor
    Lovely pictures!

  14. I spent a holiday week in Beaminster, in a rather ugly bungalow behind the tea packing factory. (It wasn't our choice but a last minute replacement for the place we had booked) However the owners were friendly and the little town charming. It was a lovely base for a holiday.

  15. That does indeed look a tiny bit of soil for the magnificent climbing rose to be growing out of, but my goodness, those hollyhocks of yours are doing well though, aren't they? Ours succumb each year on the foliage to rust.....

  16. That rose is exceptional! Your did you get them to grow that big? Mine have finally bloomed this year from seeds I got in Germany. So happy about that!

  17. I love your visit to this town. It is just what I think of when I think of England-- climbing roses on brick and stone walls. It's all so pretty. Would love to go through those little shops--so much more fun than a huge shopping mall!


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