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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunny Sunday morning

This is the view from my bedroom window this morning - aren't I lucky?

And this if I lean slightly to the right - see all those lovely rosebay willowherb so pretty with their pink flowers but less appealing later when their fluffy seeds drift everywhere!

I took a stroll round the "estate" to see what was coming along - these are a few of the marigolds I planted in our new raised bed - they seemed to like it so much they went mad and although I removed every other one they were still taking over the bed and the poor tomatoes were being suffocated so a few more had to go sadly.  Thank you Lesley I have so many of these wonderful sunny bright flowers in my garden now and they remind me of you!

I love this little clump of campanula growing round the drainpipe - Nature will beautify the most mundane of places given half a chance won't she?

And this is the hollyhock I showed you a while back - it is reaching for the sky and is far too large for it's position sadly.  I wonder if I can get it to grow a bit smaller next year?!!

Its flowers are an amazing deep dark colour - aren't they lovely?  I think I might get some tall enough to see from my bedroom soon!

Here is our front path - do come and have a cup of tea with me and see it for yourself!

There are rosehips already in the hedge - oh dear does this mean autumn is on its way?  Do hope not as we are only just beginning summer here!

But there are still flowers in bloom so maybe summer will last a little longer!

This lovely lavender is growing alongside the front drive and is usually full of bees - lovely isn't it?

And my sweet peas are in bloom too and we have a small posy on the table every day now.  I have just had a cup of coffee outside at the little table by the back door and heard church bells in the distance and it was one of those moments when all's well with the world - one for that mental scrapbook of memories to bring out on a dull day if you know what I mean?  Hope that you too are having a nice day wherever you are.

Not sure what has happened to Blogger but I can't seem to get the text left justified in places nor the photos centred so will just have to go with the flow and leave them as they are or I might be here all day and I need to get the lunch on the go soon or it will be teatime not mid-day we eat.


  1. What a lovely stroll around your garden, thank you for taking me along. I do envy you that Hollyhock, I was growing one the same colour but a new neighbour dug it up before it had a chance to flower, sadly. If you save the seed from yours you should be able to sow them where the plants are better suited, rather than where it is now.

  2. Lovely garden - can you come and get mine to look like yours.....?
    I have more weeds - and yes they are weeds and not flowers in the wrong place - than flowers!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Enjoyed that little walk and what a lovely view you have. We have campanula that spreads itself around and Lady's Mantle too ... love the way they choose their own spot.

  4. Garden looks lovely, Jane. I'm picking sweetpeas too - my favourite flower and such a lovely scent. I think we're being compensated for that hard winter, our garden has never looked so cheerful.

  5. Such a lovely spot to live, it looks very peaceful Jane,
    I do like that dark hollyhock very much! I got 2 yellow ones reduced to £1 each, I better have a good think about where to plant them, if they are going to get that tall!

  6. Love the 'estate' Jane. Such a beautiful place to live :o)
    Are you going to anything with all those rosehips? The only ones I ever spot are right on the main road, so I'm always too worried to pick them.
    Hope your day continues as well - enjoy!
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  7. How lovely! My sweet peas are just coming back, they dried out horribly when I was away. As for roses, I was in Regents Park rose garden yesterday and most of them had finished, but they were at their height in May. Funny weather to blame, as usual, I think. But there are still some out, so let's keep dead heading and we must remember it's still only early July!

  8. Gorgeous photos, and yes, you have a beautiful view from your bedroom window. You have such a pretty garden.

  9. Wow, such a beautful garden you have!

    Anna xxx

  10. A lovely time to enjoy the garden; first thing in the morning is often the best bit of the day. I agree about the rose-bay willow herb, which I have blooming all around, and just about the float its seeds all around too!

  11. Oh dear this post makes me want to rush out and buy another ticket.... and I've only just unpacked!! The weather looks lovely -similar to here actually - and your garden looks beautiful. I've never seen a rosehip as big as those before and surely Autumn is a way off still? Anyway you have this lovely post to look back at when the weather turns cold again.

  12. Your garden is beautiful Jane!
    That is definitely a great way to hide a drainpipe.
    Your 'Jack and the Beanstalk' hollyhock is gorgeous, it is the same colour as mine but mine is nowhere near as tall!
    Sunshine makes all the difference, doesn't it. :)
    Vivienne x

  13. Absolutely lovely.
    I had that self-same problem with blogger and it was driving me mad, then it just seemed to right itself.

  14. Thank you for the lovely tour of your views and garden...if only I didn't have a whole continent plus the Atlantic Ocean to cross to get there, I'd be showing up real soon on your doorstep for that cup of tea!

    Sweet peas...heavenly fragrance! One of my favorites.

  15. Your garden is lovely, if I didn't live so far away I'd be asking you to put the kettle on! The view from your bedroom is delicious!

  16. Your garden is gorgeous! I really hope that summer is not over yet, it only seems to be just starting up here! We haven't even got any strawberries or courgettes yet! :) x

  17. Your garden is looking really great.
    Lucy xxxxxx

  18. loverly, will have a cuppa next time im over there in your part of the world !

  19. Jane,
    The garden looks beautiful, especially the hollyhock and sweet peas. Hollyhocks can yield some interesting dyes as can marigolds too but I think they look better in situ than in the dye pot! Lovely photos as ever. They've made me want to take a stroll around my own plot but it's too hot this morning! Maybe later!

  20. I did enjoy the stroll around your garden, next time I'll stop for a cup of tea if that's o.k? LOL!

    Sandie xx

  21. Thank you for that lovely stroll around your garden. Your flowers are beautiful and how lucky you are to have had such a blue day for photos.

  22. Hollyhocks and sweepeas - a combination I love and am lucky enough to have myself. Quintessentially English.... Funny you should mention the rosehips, I am seeing Rowan Trees laden with berries already and made a similar comment re hoping it doesn't mean a hard winter coming.

  23. What a wonderful cottage garden you have Jane....such beautiful photos to enjoy. The campanula looks especially pretty around the drain! My sweet peas aren't in flower yet; can't wait to have a vaseful in the house :-)
    (PS You don't need Skiathos with all that beauty around you LOL!!!)

  24. So colourful and pretty! The type of garden I dream of! Cx

  25. All looking beautiful! might see you at Shepton then! Lizzie x

  26. Your garden is looking lovely and what wonderful marigolds. The flowers of these are edible and I sprinkle them on salads - very colourful, and they do say that you should eat a rainbow of food every day. Sadly I only have 2 plants this year, must have eaten too many last year so they didn't seed. I am slightly worried though having seen your hollyhocks as I planted 2 tiny ones this morning and seeing yours am now realising they are too close together and too close to the fence!

  27. Such pretties and I love your front path - very cottage country.

    Nina xxx

  28. Thank you for sharing your garden. That is a wonderful view you have!

    I just stumbled upon your blog and thought I'd stop by to say 'hello' :) x

  29. I have come to say hello since we have both been mentioned by Pomona on her wonderfully worded hollyhocks post.

    I have greatly enjoyed the tour of your high-summertime garden.

    English summers can be heavenly.

    See you soon.

  30. What a lovely view you have & very pretty garden. Now I know what those pink flowers are called.... they are all over the stream's banks here where we dog walk & when the seeds are floating around we can hardly see !
    Thanks for the lovely tour while I have my cuppa !

  31. You have a lovely yard. Question: I see the bottom leaves of your hollyhocks have the same 'illness' as ours do. The leaves get sort of yellow spots, and then they die. The fungus or whatever it is, works it's way up the plant. Do you know what it is and how to remedy it?

  32. How lovely! What a beautiful flowing cottagey garden. What a splendid view you have from your window too. You are very lucky. Thanks for showing us round. You have hips already?! :-)

  33. Hi,

    Hoping you may be able to help - I'm not a gardener by any means, but a few months ago me and my daughter planted some sweetpeas in a pot. I've been away for a fortnight and come back to see that they are all dried out, and look dead. Is there any way to salvage the flowers? I'm guessing that deadheading means cutting off the dead parts up near the top, is that correct? Is it too late to just start again? They aren't for show or anything really, just some flowers she wanted to grow so she could take them to her mum, so any advice much appreciated :-)


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