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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Field of Dreams Harvest

Have just read in my local paper that the the Field of Dreams will be having its Harvest on 13th October and for £5 you can visit and gather 2 large bags of seeds - one for Barcroft Hall and one for yourself plus any flowers you want.  Check out the link if you are interested. and live near enough.

Many thanks for all your kind comments on the Field of Dreams post and for your entries in the Giveaway.


  1. Oh I wish I lived near enough!!! I absolutely loved your post on the Field of Dreams - it looked like a perfect heaven to me. What wonderful photos. As you said, absolute bliss.

    Oh and I'm really embarrassed about your crochet mat on the chest of drawers! I love crochet mats and have to buy them when I see them in charity shops. One day I'm going to turn them into beaded jug/bowl covers - one day! Please put your mat back - I was thinking of those dressing table sets - I don't think people use those any more - but you may want to correct me there LOL :o)

  2. I wished i lived nearby, it's a wonderful idea!

    Love the blog, just started following.

    Jan @Door251

  3. Wish I lived nearer Jane!!!
    Vivienne x

  4. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to collect flower seeds and flowers. If I lived nearby it is something I would definitely want to do. I wish more places had projects like this.

  5. What a great idea, I won't get there though sadly.

  6. I have appreciated your Field of Dreams post (sorry for late comment) and now the harvest is such a generous idea. The whole concept is truly beautiful.

  7. What a magnificent field and what magnanimity, to share the spoils.


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