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Thursday, 8 August 2013


A day out with a philosophical twist today - I haven't given you any philosophy for a while have I?!!

I had a day out in Winchester today where I met up with a couple of work colleagues - we go back a long way now of course!.  Traveling along the road to the station this morning I thought that the narrow road with its twists and turns could be seen as a metaphor for life.  In places the road ahead was clear in others it was impossible to see what was coming round the bends.  In some places I could see stunning views to the side of the road and in others we were between trees and high hedges and could not see anything other than the way ahead.

 Once on the train I was aware that the same could be said of the train journey except it was not possible to see ahead at all and we had to trust in the driver to take us the right way!  Those of a religious bent might say this could be seen as a metaphor for trusting God or whoever you perceive as the Greater Power to take control and guide us in the right direction perhaps?  Again in places we passed through beautiful countryside basking in the sunshine and in others we were trapped in deep cuttings where we couldn't even see the sky or maybe hemmed in by bushes and trees so that although I knew there was beautiful countryside beyond I couldn't see it.  There have been times in my life when I knew with my head that life was good but just couldn't see it or feel it that way just as I knew the countryside was there but for the moment it wasn't visible to me.

Then there were a couple of tunnels black and dark when I could see nothing other than my own reflection in the window glass.  These reminded me of the times in my life when I have been in the Slough of Despond and couldn't see any way out - seeing only myself and my problems and nothing beyond.  Luckily like the tunnel they didn't go on for ever and I did of course come out into the sunshine eventually!

 At one point along my route this morning some people got on the train with so many enormous suitcases they were at a loss as to know where to put them but other passengers suggested ways they might move their own cases and make room for them - some of us travel through life heavy laden too and there are often others who will help us to put down our baggages at least for a moment if only we let them. 

It struck me that we were all on a journey headed somewhere and all being well we would eventually reach our intended destination - just as we shall in life.  The journey will be so much more enjoyable if we trust the driver, believe that even when we can't see beyond the hedges on either side there is still beautiful countryside out there and we will come to it again if only we wait, that the dark tunnels are not infinite and we will see the sunshine again and if we accept that sometimes the sky clouds over and the rain falls but if we are involved in what we are doing this will not spoil our day.  Not that it did rain today and I really enjoyed my day out wandering round the city where these pictures were taken.

I always manage to find a bit of greenery even in the city and this was a pretty area along side the River Itchen.

 The River flowed clear and clean over pebbles and reminded me of the walk I did recently along the River Frome - again I wished I could sit on the edge and paddle my feet but my friends wouldn't let me!!

 Having made a circuit we ended up back on the High Street where we found a place to sit and enjoy a sandwich lunch and more gossip till it was time to head for the station for our respective trains home.  Good friends are what makes life's journey so enjoyable and their worth is more than gold.  I hope we don't leave it too long before we have another day together.


  1. Lots of truths in your post today. It's encouraging to know that I can trust the driver, that the beauty of life is there and that I will see it again. It's been a kind of tough summer so far for me. Thanks so much.

  2. And I enjoyed your photos of your day out.


  3. Isn't it amazing the paths our thoughts take us on. Having time on your own to sit and think like you did on your travels comes rarely to many of us these days. Many would be occupied with thoughts of planning dinner tonight or what jobs were waiting to be done. Glad you shared your thoughts with us and glad you had such a nice day.

  4. Loved this post.
    Violet and I spent yesterday with friends and had the best of times. Friends truly enrich our lives and bring such joy.

  5. Very thoughtful post. Sometimes it is hard to see through the black tunnels and mists, but there is always light to look forward to.

  6. Yes, I love Winchester too...


  7. I like you in philosophical vein Jane as it makes me think too. Very succinctly observed and a really good read!

  8. A lovely philosophical journey. You are fortunate to live in such an attractive and inspiring area.

  9. Goodness, what a thought provoking post this is. It has been so long since I was last in a slough of despond, thank goodness.

    Love the pictures, thank you.

  10. Wow, Jane, you have been getting thoughtful recently, haven't you? Lovely post, and some super pictures too. Lx

  11. Lovely post. I just wish I had old friends I could meet with. x

  12. Rarely is philosophy so beautifully illustrated :)

  13. Lovely thoughts, and so near to here- you could have popped in for tea and cake! C x


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