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Monday, 20 January 2014

Signs of Spring?

  Yesterday afternoon I took a wander up through the woods and out onto the main road to see if the daffodils there were in bloom yet.

 I wanted to know as on Saturday whilst in the car on the other side of town I had noticed swathes of them - I did ask Mr M if he could stop for a photo opportunity but he either didn't hear me or else he didn't take any notice so the pic is poor but does give an idea of what it was like!

Whilst not "tossing and dancing in the breeze" exactly the local ones were certainly coming into flower as you can see.

 Looking so pristine and bright...
 ... and so full of hope that I barely noticed the noise of the traffic.

 As you can see there are still deep puddles everywhere  but on a day like today they serve to reflect the blue skies - we noticed this last weekend along our route to Weymouth when the flooded fields, whist being a problem to the farmers, served to look like stunning lakes sometimes with the odd swan or other water bird swimming on them!

It had been a beautiful sunny day but by then the sun was going down behind the trees so I hastened home back the way I had come.

Enjoying the blue skies of yet another day of respite from the everlasting rain!  We had done a bit of tidying in the garden earlier but it had been chilly in our garden which doesn't get much sunshine during the winter when the sun is low.  I thought of friends the other side of the world where the temperatures are so high and was glad I live where I do as cold to me is preferable to too much heat - luckily!!

Thank you all for your comments on my previous post - I am glad it isn't only me that finds life so complicated these days!  Thank you too for your tips.


  1. Good morning to you and thank you for such a cheering post! I love this time of year so much as it holds the promise of spring with all its delights to come. Let's be honest, once spring starts everything goes so fast after that.

    I don't know what we've done to deserve it but we've been having so many blue-sky days here. And the weather has been mild. I hope we don't pay for it come spring ;-)


  2. We have daffodils blooming in January where I live too.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. The daffodils are flowering here, mostly along the roadside rather than in my garden, but they look lovely!

  4. Wow, I can't believe there are daffodils already. What a beautiful day. It's cold here too, but dry today, I really should be doing outside stuff. But a boy is off sick, so I think I shall stay indoors and play Monopoly instead.

  5. Isn't it amazing that a little yellow flower can bring so much joy! :)
    V x

  6. What beautiful light you captured.

  7. A quick walkabout yesterday found snowdrops in flower in the garden. Although I expect them in February they are up a couple of weeks earlier and fighting with the hellebores for the first things to flower in numbers. On the daffodil front the story is one of emerging leaves and not much else. You must live in a micro climate all of your own down there Jane - bodes well for my trip there on Feb 1st!

  8. It is lovely to see the sun and we have a few rays here today, daffs look like they'll be a while yet though.

  9. Wow, January daffs! You are WAY ahead of southern France!

  10. I have spotted a few in our area too ... maybe the same ones as you!

  11. No daffodils here quite yet, but such a joy to see the ones in your area. What a welcome sight.

  12. I noticed daffs budding in the garden at the weekend and I kept thinking 'it's way too early'...I do hope a cold snap doesn't spoil the show.


  13. A nice taster of what is to come. I think the roadside ones flower earlier as they are specially planted hybrids rather that wild ones but always a joy to see after such frightful weather.

  14. I know you say you've had heaps of rain but I seem to be seeing quite a bit of blue sky over there this Winter too ? Lovely daffs !


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