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Friday, 7 November 2014

Real Mail

Some time ago I joined in a letter swap organised by Elizabeth at Cornish Cream and I was partnered with Kirsi at Kimberlys Kitchen and Garden.  When I went to the blog to check it out I discovered that Kirsi is Finnish and her blog is written in Finnish too - but luckily there is a translation button and even more luckily, even though English isn't Kirsi's first language, her letter when it came was in excellent English!  Phew!

The package arrived in this pretty jiffybag and inside along with a lovely letter which made me feel I already know Kirsi was this dear little angel cutter.  I can see I will now have to find a suitable recipe to make some cookies for Christmas or maybe I'll put it on the tree instead and save the calories!  Thank you so much Kirsi and I do hope that we will become good friends through the medium of letter writing.  I know almost nothing about Finland and am looking forward to getting to know both Kirsi and her country, traditions and culture as we correspond.  I will reply to you personally very soon Kirsi and thank you so much for the thoughtful gift and for your interesting letter.

I have been taking a rest and a bit of a detox from blogging and trying to reduce my use of the internet somewhat but rather like dieting when you have to eat something and cannot go cold turkey as you might if wanting to give up smoking or alcohol or whatever I do need to use the computer at times otherwise my friends will all think I have died!  I do think however that I had been using it more than necessary and the following quotes, found in a journal I picked up in Waterstones and was tempted to buy, might illustrate my views:

We didn't have Facebook when I was young - we had phone book but you wouldn't waste an afternoon on it.

We are like Hansel and Gretel leaving crumbs of our personal information everwhere we travel through the digital woods.

In the age of Google when everything you say is for ever searchable the future belongs to those who leave no footprint

I like hanging round people who knit they are usually in a good mood - people who are staring into I-phones and so on whilst demanding your attention at the same time are not as much fun!

and another I saw somewhere which said something about learning to let oneself wonder once again ie not to just click on the internet and find the answer to e verything instantly.

So for the time being I am not around much on-line and am finding more time for the things that matter but I am sure I will be back when I have something interesting to say!


  1. You will always be welcome on my screen!

    Real mail, what a luxury. I have spent some time in Finland, the people are very friendly and the country is beautiful. Their traditions are interesting and, where I went, a lot of crocheting goes on.

  2. I am delighted that you had such a charming letter, Jane. Sadly my partner has not written.

  3. oooh you always have something interesting to say!

  4. I agree with molebags Jane, you do have so many interesting things to tell us about, whether it's been your childhood memories, your travel (and photos!), or one of your walks. You, my dear, are fun to follow!

  5. Many wise words there, I know what you mean about detoxing, it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes can't it. Your new pen friend sounds lovely, I used to love writing to mine when I had them. Wishing you a good weekend. CJ xx

  6. My partner in the real letter exchange is a lovely lass from Norfolk and I've heard from her. How delightful to have a contact in Finland.
    Love those quotes - real life is infinitely more interesting than cyber space, but there's great connections to be made there, too. Learning to manage time is a huge issue for modern society.

  7. I hope you enjoy your internet free time, I will always pop by when you write ;). How wonderful to have a real letter, I love it when I get one through the post.

  8. I too agree with molebags Jane, you always have something interesting to say or show. It's a treat to read your blog. What a lovely gift you got from your new friend from Finland. I miss real handwritten letters and cards. Interesting quotes, I like getting away from my computer from time to time, it feels good not to be "connected".

  9. Enjoy learning more about Finland from real mail - such a novelty!!! x


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