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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Another day another seaside

 Thank you all for your kind comments of my previous post - I continue in similar vein today with another seaside walk for you.  Cyber Monday?  Christmas shopping?  Busy busy?  Take a break and come with me for a breath of fresh air and relaxation!

One of the great advantages of being retired is that if a day dawns bright and sunny and there is nothing in the diary we can just take off and so it was that this morning we decided to take a trip to Bridport which is a town with many antique and junk shops.  I had seen a cottage style carver chair I liked recently and wondered if something like it might be found for our kitchen since I spend a lot of my time sitting out there listening to the radio and reading or knitting and so on.  We didn't find what I was looking for but we did find this cafe and went inside for a coffee and liked it so much we went back later for lunch too.  It was somewhere different - quirky and a bit alternative if you know what I mean.

 Nothing matched and there were books and magazines like National Geographic or Permaculture to read, a board of notices about everything under the sun from yoga classes to sustainability and art classes and best of all the coffee, and later the lunch, were delicious and very reasonably priced - we will certainly go there again.

 Having seen what we wanted in Bridport and had our lunch we walked back to the car park and set off for West Bay for a wander along the coast.  I don't think I will be joining in the Boxing Day Swim though!  It was very cold today even in the sunshine let alone on Boxing Day when it might be even colder!

 The sea was beautiful and the sky blue.  The sounds were of waves and the suck and pull of the sea over the pebbles and all thoughts of consumerism and world problems vanished from my mind.

 Legacy of last year's storms perhaps?  As we couldn't walk any further along in this direction we turned round and walked back towards where we'd come from.

 The waves looked like lace as they rushed across the sand.

 I walked out along the concrete pier - nobody fishing today but one or two other walkers.  This is looking towards Golden Cap.

 By now it was about 3.00 and the sun was getting lower in the sky and lighting the cliffs with a golden glow.  We didn't walk any of the coast path today but we have in the past walked up that steep slope from West Bay and along the top of the cliff before dropping down to Burton Bradstock - a hard climb and the path is now very close to the edge so don't think I'll be trying again any time soon!

Back into the little town and we then made our way home through the stunning Dorset countryside with the sun getting lower in the sky and bathing everything with an apricot glow before dropping below the horizon and the distant viewscould be seen in soft focus with the sky turning the softest pale birds egg blue with the moon to be seen waiting for its turn to shine and the trees an inky silhouette against the skyline.  We got home and lit the fire and put the kettle on feeling so grateful that we live somewhere where we are never far from such lovely places should a bright day arrive and happy that we are in good enough health to go there.


  1. It all looks lovely. i csn't wait to get my bus pass!

  2. You live in the most wonderful area, and it's so good you have the health and energy to appreciate it all. Long may it last for you both.
    It was a glorious day here, too. A load of washing dried beautifully in the sun!

  3. What a lovely day you had, glorious weather too! I found a cafe like that in Ireland in the summer, an eclectic mix of China and lots of magazines , and great food too. May you have many many glorious days like this one.

  4. I'm sighing with contentment as I read of you putting your feet up at the end of such a lovely day. Your blue skies and seas are very similar to ours just now, although the grey skies are moving back in later in the week. These kinds of outings are good for the body and the soul.

  5. Lovely Jane and a wonderful alternative to this manic season!
    V x

  6. It looks glorious there
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. Snap ! We've been to walk along the beach today too. Not too hot and the water was lovely for a paddle too.

  8. Simply marvellous.

  9. Oh, what a delight to read! I know what you mean about being able to forget all of life's woes when we are out in nature--the best anti-depressant! Love that little coffee shop--we have ones like that tucked here and there in the U.S. What a delightful day you had.

  10. I'm very fond of Bridport. Great Arts Centre with lots going on and a real choice of independent shops to enjoy as well as being just a stone's throw from the coast. This glorious weather we're having just begs to be taken advantage of doesn't it Jane? We're so lucky to have that freedom to do what we want at the drop of a hat. Where next I wonder?

  11. Lucky you! Bridport and West Bay are my two most favourite places and I can't wait to get our caravan back down there in March!! Am counting the days, so it was nice that you checked that life down there is still in order!!!


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