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Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Our computer home page is MSN and today I see that there are various newsworthy items which I thought I'd share with you along with some more cheering photos!

First up don't drink aloe vera juice containing something called ketamine since there have been a couple of women who have had severe reactions to the stuff and ended up in hospital.

Secondly don't use your mobile phone too much since it seems use of mobiles increases the risk of tintinus.

Some poor soul in Bosnia has been hit 6 times by falling meteorites and thinks he is being targeted by aliens

Only 1 in 10 police officers are visible - the mind boggles till you click on the article and find that it means the other 9 are beavering away behind the scenes!!

But this one I do like it says that women who are too houseproud are more at risk of breast cancer! Seems the use of air freshening sprays and mould and mildew removers are the main culprits. Since I use none of these I can rest easy till tomorrow I discover some other item of news which says that having too many dust bunnies or an untidy tabletop is likely to cause some illness or other!
The other day I came across an article telling me that if I were willing to pay £39.99 for a product which would increase the length of my eyelashes by up to 50% it would boost my self esteem and apparently so many people tried to buy the stuff on-line that the web page crashed!
I definitely need to get out more or perhaps to change the home page!!


  1. I love the news article about the man in Bosnia who thinks he's being targeted by Aliens! What a great news story this is. I'm now wondering whether he's got a picture of a dartboard or somesuch tattoo'd about his person - hee hee.

  2. I read the one about breast cancer, too and am glad to say I'm not in danger - because of this anyway!
    Gorgeous pictures!

  3. I needed some interesting news 'cos our papers are full of election twaddle so thank you. I've filed away those bits of advice about clean houses and invisible policemen too - great for using as boosters when the conversation flags at parties !!!
    Love the flowers - are they all yours and is that a glimpse of your garden I can see there?

  4. Helsie - I wish I could say it was my garden but no it is another National Trust property called Lytes Cary which we visited recently! Glad to have given you some thought provoking intellectual conversation fillers!!!

  5. Jane, what a wonderful collection of non-news! If we took notice of everything we read we would go mad. I am sick of someone ringing me up and telling me my computer has a virus. I'll just sit the garden and smell the flowers - hee hee, ha ha, ta de ta de!!
    PS lovely pics.

  6. Lovely photos - crazy news! It's the Silly Season, after all, though...

  7. How soothing flowers can be, when all around us is chaos! I love to read the WTF news, & see what the 'crazies' are doing- or reporting!

  8. I keep thinking about aliens chucking lumps of rock at that poor bloke!
    he he

  9. Laughing at the news! I heard part of the article on cleaning products this morning...Phew, now I've got a very good excuse not too!

    Love the photos.

  10. Can't help wanting there to be a connection between invisible policemen and the alleged aliens.
    Told husband about invisble policemen - he wanted to know if they were a new kind of traffic calming device (knew he wasn't listening properly!).
    I'm not at risk from the housecleaning product either, or tinnitus either come to that. Aren't ketamines somehow connected with horses, or have I made that up?

  11. I shan't get tinnitus through mobile phone useage, hopefully won't have meteorites showering me, but the one re cleaning materials is a bit worrying since I have cleaned other people's houses for years........ best book my "plot" now then........ :O)))))

    Beautiful flower photos!

  12. Jane, that was such fun. I can't stop similing....tks for sharing that, you've made my evening.....

    Think I will go out tomorrow, blow the housework.......

  13. If were to get hit by meteortites on six different occasions, I'd be worried that I was being targeted by aliens, too. :) That is a really pretty rose. I don't think I have ever seen a bicolored rose.

  14. Dear oh dear, we can't do anything can we. I do like the cleaning one though, definitely hanging on to that piece of info! x

  15. Goodness, they definitely come up with some crazy things. I don't think I'd be wanting longer eyelashes!

  16. Oh Jane,
    As Floss says, it is the silly season isn't it? I'd forgotten that this period exists but it comes round unfailingly every summer when news is thin on the ground. I try not to read too much about housework and dust in case it gives me ideas. Mustn't break the habits of a lifetime! Lovely photos. Lesley x

  17. That was so funny Jane, the way you interspersed your news items with gorgeous pictures! More please x

  18. The mind certainly does boggle - for once I'm glad to be a scummy mummy!!

    take care,

    Nina x

  19. A friend was reading that article to me a few days ago and she has had breast cancer and admits to using virtually every cleaning product there is, all aerosol sprays too. I tend to just stick to Jif for everything. Lovely photos.


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