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Monday, 26 July 2010


Hope you all had a good weekend - we did. I met these beauties yesterday at the Craft and Garden show at Montacute House - the photo doesn't do justice to their beauty nor does it show the fabulous coal black eyes nor the haughty look they had! The knitwear made with alpaca yarn was stunning and fabulously soft but also horrendously expensive so I didn't buy any of it! I didn't even buy any fleece either as I wasn't sure I would be able to spin it properly - remember this?!

Many thanks to all those who commented on my previous Living without Electricity post - it was interesting to read your stories and to learn what is most important to you. I noticed that most of us Brits need our cups of tea so a kettle was high on the list! Whilst for those of you who live in different climes it was other things! For me I think it would have to be lighting at the touch of a switch!


  1. I could take that Black one home. He's/she's so cute.

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment Jane. Normal service will resume soon hopefully!

    I love your photos of the alpacas - we saw some recently at Wyken Hall - they all have such wonderful expressive faces!


  3. They are so gorgeous - they look so cuddly.

  4. Love alpacas - they seem to have real attitude.

  5. Don't you just love them. They are such gentle creatures. I went through a stage of wanting one when we had acreage but as they were about $20 000 each at the time it wasn't going to happen !!!
    What is happening with your adventurous daughter? Where is she now?

  6. I was given some alpaca wool to 'play' with. It really is lovely and soft. It doesn't contain lanolin like sheep's wool and is supposed to spin and felt exactly the same. I've yet to have a go but will blog about it when I do.
    A x

  7. Fabulous looking animals! Looks like a good trip out......

  8. Jane, they are such beautiful creatures.....I love their pretty faces.

    I was blessed to recieve a scarf knitted from alpaca wool. She is a blogging friend.
    She has a spinning cherry wood.
    The wool is so lovely and soft.....I was almost frightened to wear it but thought that would be such a waste.......

    Have a lovely week......

  9. Jane,
    One of my WSD friends has a small flock of alpacas. They do have some wonderful colouring and it is great fibre to spin with. It's lovely on its own or blended with something. I have a scarf of spun black alpaca that I then plied with a commercial ribbon type yarn. It has a life all of its own! Have a go. You will love the fibre you end up with. Lesley x

  10. Mum and her friend took the children to an open garden in Montacute that belonged to a friend on the Sunday... they had a lovely time... I considered going to Montacute house.. but we ended up spending our rare child free weekend at the pub in our village for lunch.. the half moon inn at Mudford... very nice!

    The Alpaca wool I had was really heavy once worked up into a blanket... and a bit itchy to be honest... but very warm! :D

    x Alex

  11. The alpacas are lovely and such beautiful colours. I remember my Dad (who now although still with us unfortunately has long been lost to Alzheimers) having a lovely and rather expensive alpaca jumper and he always made such a production when he wore it and insisted that we (family only of course) feel how soft it was! Such a wonderful memory I have of him. :-) Thank you for sharing the lovely photos and your kind comments on my blog.

  12. Sorry forgot to tell you I use Picasa (free from Google) do to the photo mosiacs/montages on my blog. It's surprisingly easy - well it has to be for me to figure it out :-)
    have a lovely day!


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