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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Grey blanket days

I have been suffering from a case of the gloomies over the past few days, or as I usually think of it I've been under one of my grey blankets - you know those old army type blankets all scratchy and dark. It happens occasionally but when it does I just want to crawl into my hole and indulge in a spell of wallowing in my misery. I tell myself there are many far worse off than me but it makes no difference and all it does is to add a load of guilt to the mix. I ask myself how can I be so ungrateful when I have so much, how can I feel so miserable when there are people suffering such calamities in the world, etc etc. I resolve to be more thankful for all the good things I have in my life but when I am in this frame of mind I know all this but knowing and feeling is not the same thing at all. I must accept these spells and just be grateful they don't come too often and try to understand that maybe they serve to highlight the up days so that there's a silver lining to every cloud perhaps..

I haven't been on the computer for a few days - you wouldn't have wanted me at your party anyway in that mood as I'd have been a proper wet blanket, but today I woke to sunshine after several dull gloomy days which had done nothing to raise my spirits and I felt the blanket lift a little.

The view from my back door this morning as I prepared breakfast - blue skies and sunshine - what a boost to the morale!

I am continuing with my memories, I now have 18,500 words according to Word Count - I know it's quality not quantity that counts and it all needs a lot more work on it but I am pleased to see it growing. I will post a little snipet later so keep an eye on the sidebar if you are interested to read more.
I hope to catch up with you all again soon.


  1. We all suffer from those 'Grey Blanket Days' every so often - the dismal, rainy weather doesn't help either does it?

    I'm glad that the sun is now shining and your coming out from underneath your itchy, scratchy blanket :0)

    Jill x

  2. I think many of us have been sharing that feeling lately - this weather doesn't help.

  3. Yup! Definitely a weather thing..... soooo looking forward to reading another snippet!

  4. Blue skies certainly make a difference don't they. I love how you call them grey blanket days...sums it up so nicely. What you said about guilt is so much part of the know there are people worse off than you are, so then you feel guilty for feeling so low, which of course makes you feel worse and around it goes.

    Glad you are feeling slightly better today. I know just what it is like.

  5. So sorry it's one of those days. Could you go with it, bake something and eat it, watch a pleasant, easygoing film, have a glass of wine. A series of small treats perhaps?

  6. Sorry to hear you have been feeling down, glad the sun made things a bit better today. Doesn't matter what you tell yourself at times like that does it?
    Look forward to the next instalment of your memories.

  7. There's no way you can reason yourself out of these spells.
    So sorry you're going through this, and hope it will lift very soon.

  8. Hi Jane......perhaps the thought of autumn, followed by winter is the cause of your 'gloom'. I remember you said you do not like the winter. Do you suffer with sad?
    Perhaps the best thing to do is follow your feelings......let them run their course.....and I am sure, in time, the sun will be shining, bring a brand new tomorrow.

  9. Oh Jane, I'm with you in spirit, with a cup of tea and a sticky bun and you can be grumpy if you want, cos I might be too, but after a while we'll have laugh and cheer up. Love reading your memoirs.
    Did you used to wear a liberty bodice with rubber buttons for your knickers, although mine always had elastic in - that's an image to make you smile!!

  10. Oh Jane I'm so sorry to hear you have been feeling down. All the rain doesn't help but at least there was a blue sky for you today. Don't feel guilty, just take care of yourself and things will be better soon. Look forward to more of your memories when you are up to sharing.


  11. Hello Jane, I do understand how you feel, I have many of those grey blanket days too. I'm so glad you can tell us how you feel. Cold gloomy days are just too much aren't they? I have to take extra vitamin D in winter to get me through. I hope you are feeling much better very soon.

    Sending lots of love. xx

  12. Jane,
    I think you and I are having the same week! The sun yesterday did lift my spirits and I achieved quite a bit. I often wonder if I suffer from SAD becuase I love the light so much or maybe it's just one of those 'time of life' moments. Keep going with the memories. I don't think you need to worry about quantity over quality - the latter is there in abundance. Lesley x

  13. Sorry to hear you've been having a bad week - the sun does lift the spirits so doesn't it. Hope things continue to improve.

  14. Hi Jane
    Em, I can understand how you feel - I think we all get spells of it every now and then and you're right, it'll pass, you just have to ride it out. I know I'll feel gloomy soon with the onset of dark nights and wet, cold weather. I have to surround myself with cheery things to help.
    Hope things continue to go on the up for you...

    PS - yes, you're right - the last photo is Montague House - we stopped off on the way down as my son wanted to go to the Haynes Motor museum.x

  15. Sorry you're feeling a bit down Jane. Do you think it is a premonition of the season changing? Perhaps you need to phone your daughter for a bit of a chat, that will make you feel better. Or perhaps a self-indulgent dayout with a girlfriend - lunch and a funny movie ( if you can find one ). I always find company is what I need when I am down.

  16. Hope this finds you in better spirits. We all have these times and I definitely think lack of sunshine and knowing that the season is changing again adds to the gloom. It's just finding the positives in these situations to help raise the mood.
    Best wishes, Vivienne x

  17. I am also just emeging from the greyness of low period and I think its just the way it is these days and probably our bodies way of getting us to slow down and recouperate our energy and replenish our spirit... I dislike the gloomy grey days ... today has been a rainy grey day and I have struggled to stay focused but I am getting there...

    x Alex

  18. Hi Jane, I know exactly how that gray blanket feels - I think sometimes mine is made of chain-mail!!!! It seems like it will never go away, but it always does. I definitely believe it is a weather thing. I've been feeling the same way lately and I think I am just ready for a change of seasons! Hope you come out from your blanket soon.
    Take care,


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