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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Pattern in the Park or Alone in London

I was unexpectedly alone in London yesterday - I had arranged to meet up with a friend from Kettering but sadly a relation had died suddenly that morning and she rang me to say she wouldn't be coming. As I was already on my way by coach it was too late for me to change my mind about going.

As my time was my own and the bus back didn't leave till late afternoon I decided, after having lunch in John Lewis and a wander round Marble Arch M&S, to go back to the Albert Hall - the free bus pass is fantastic! - for a walk in the gardens opposite. I was aware of the patterns all around me - aren't these railings amazing? I am glad I don't have to paint them though!

I can see this ball interpreted as ear-rings or a pendant...

The coloured paving perhaps done in crochet or knitted into a fabric....

Even the numerous benches are all beautifully designed......

and the simple railings too make patterns - could be used as an edging perhaps?

I love the colour of these gates don't you? The design is brilliant and...

done in a simpler form on the railings here.

On to Kensington Palace where the railings were stunning - all worked in black and gold....

Imagine having these railings in front of your house - or maybe not as who'd keep them looking so pristine?!

The gardens en route were lovely especially as we had had a heavy shower whilst I was in M&S (I went back inside for a cuppa till it was over)

Although the park grass everywhere else was brown and sad here the greenery was brilliant.

Hard to imagine the roar of the traffic along the busy road just a few yards away when confronted with this.

Came across this bush which was giving off a beautiful perfume - anyone know what it is?

I didn't have a dog with me but if I had he would have had his own lovely drinking fountain!

A sign that autumn is on its way perhaps?
The journey home was good after the obligatory hold ups on the M25 and the countryside as we neared home looked lovely in the evening sunlight. I love London - the contrasts, the different nationalities, the noise and peaceful gardens, the opulent and the downtrodden... but I am glad I live where I do. Just as well eh?!
I hope you enjoyed this "alternative" look at London?


  1. Lovely, the patterns are great aren't they, and I love the way you have interpreted them into various crafts. I was in London yesterday...I had an EMG appointment. Shame I didn't know you were going...we could have met up, I came straight home instead.

  2. The patterns of the railings are amazing, think you'd probably need several people to keep them pristine. I think the bush maybe two plants, the white flowers look like a climbing jasmine, not sure what the other plant is though.

  3. I did enjoy it. Thank you!
    I love London too. To me it has a nice "feel" and there is so much to see and do.
    One day I'm going to do a tour or Royal Albert Hall - if there is one - and it would be terrific to attend the final night of the Proms there. I've seen it on TV and loved it. I'll be there with all the riffraff waving my flag not where the posh people are !!!

  4. Jane it certainly looks as if you enjoyed your enforced solitary visit to London and your unique 'take' on the site-seeing is a real pleasure to share.

  5. Lovely photographs. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love a visit to London, but it's not a place I'd be comfortable living - far too busy for me. You've taken some great photos. It's very easy to walk past all these great architectural pieces and not even give them a second glance isn't it. Thanks for pointing out the beauty in everyday items.

  7. Hi Jane, I am a London girl....born in SE London during the fifties. London holds a special place in my heart. I lived there for 19 years, and loved every single moment.

    Thank you for showing your view of our capital.......I loved the fact you showed architectural pieces, rather than large buildings etc. The gardens are lovely.

    Like you, I am glad I live in the country.
    London has my heart, but the countrside has my soul.......

  8. I just love wrought ironwork! Love it, love it, love it. The gardens looked lovely and green. Glad you enjoyed your day even though, sadly, your friend couldn't make it.

  9. Wrought Ironwork is amazing, s many different designs. It was sad your friend couldn't join you but looks like you had a lovely time.
    Julie xxxxxx

  10. looks like you still managed to have a good day!

  11. Wonderful photos' Jane. Sometimes it's nice to wander on your own - you see more I think.

  12. I was just about to say the same as Jee has.

    Sometimes it makes you look at things more closely when you are left to your own devises:)
    Michelle x

  13. Sorry to hear your trip didn't pan out as planned but well done for saving the day and those photo's are excellent.. reminds me of Art school trips when we had to take photo's of texture and form for artwork later in the term, so much artistry all around us be it natural or man made and most people don't even notice it...

    I am not sure what the plant is though has an almost honeysuckle type flower...

    hugs Alex x

  14. I think your plant may be Leycesteria formosa (Himalayan honeysuckle)

  15. Wonderful photos Jane. What a huge range of colour and style and you're right about the design possibilities. Shame about the circumstances which left you on your own but you seem to made the best use of the time! I was stumped by the plant but Himalayan honeysuckle is a great suggestion. I've never seen that colourway before. Ours is red and gold. I thought it might be a clerodendron of some sort. If you get a definitive answer please let me know! I think I'd like to grow it! Lesley x

  16. Great definitely have the eye of an artist! Shame your plans didn't quite work out but it looks like you enjoyed having a wander on your own :-)

  17. Lovely photos! Glad you managed to have a good day, even though it didn't go as planned! I would be completely lost if it was me, London's so big and I've only visited it a few times and got lost on the underground several times! :)

    The dog drinking fountain is so sweet as well. x

  18. I love the way you've looked at everything with your 'crafter's eye'; I wonder how many people really do just that, I suspect the majority will walk on by and not even notice. Because you were there on your own you must have seen everything with a different perspective but all the same, it's a shame your friend had some bad news and couldn't join you. x

  19. You make me want to hop on the next train for a wander round London. Who needs shopping?


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