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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunny September Sunday morning Stroll

We have had my sister-in-;law staying this weekend and this morning we took her to Ham Hill to show her the views. Remember I showed you some photos last week here?

On the way to the summit we passed a real autumn conucopia of fruits such as these lovely blackberries with their beautiful coloured leaves.....

...some lovely purple sloes - I always feel it is such a pity they don't live up to their promise and are so very very sour and only fit for making sloe gin which I don't like!

I am sure these glistening elderberries weren't here last week when I came looking!

Distant views didn't disappoint ....

.. nor did close ups - aren't these teasels against the skyline pretty and isn't that sky an amazing blue?

I've been more aware of skies recently for some reason and have noticed just how beautiful the cloud formations are.

A pleasant place to sit and take in the view although this morning there was a chilly wind so a more sheltered spot was nicer!

We wended our way back to the car planning to stop at Montacute House for a coffee till I remembered I hadn't brought my purse containing the National Trust tickets so we came home and enjoyed a coffee in our own garden instead!

Thomas is wondering if he might do well in the cold frame! He's not silly as it was a sheltered warm place to sit and next to our table and chairs so he was in a good place for some fussing too!


  1. Lovely views and a very clever cat!

  2. Gorgeous skies!! Cats certainly know how to be good to themselves and obviously Thomas is no exception! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. What a lovely stroll. September at its best.

  4. Fantastic skies! I think I would have been picking all of those lovely berries for some more yummy desserts! :) x

  5. Good news - Ben makes a wonderful sloe and apple jelly! WOuld you like the recipe?

    Thanks for those lovely photos.

  6. Lovely, lovely photos, and please can you say "yes" to Floss for the recipe.... sounds wonderful........

    Lovely cat!!!

  7. Lovely views - you can't beat a good old walk and it was the perfect weather for it this weekend.

    take care,

    Nina x

  8. A wonderful alliterative title and great photos. What about making some sloe gin? There must be enough berries around to make loads of it! Glad to see you had a good weekend. Lesley x

  9. Great views, isn't this weather fabulous?

  10. What lovely views. We had a good day out today as well.Making the most of the beautiful weather.

  11. Gorgeous photos and I love your kitty. Can you tell me what teasels are?

  12. It has been a lovely sunny day hasn't it :)

    Do you like any other spirits? as they work well with sloes too.

  13. Definately perfect weather this weekend for a walk. It's amazing what our hedgerows produce. I believe there's a campagin at the moment to save them as so many are being destroyed.

  14. I do love sharing your walks Jane. This one had all my favourites: autumn fruits, sea, skies...ahh, bliss x

  15. Oops, meant to put fields, but wrote seas instead. Sea very much on my mind just now! x

  16. Gorgeous views, I love looking at clouds too. Isn't the sunshine uplifting - shame it's grey here today though!


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