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Sunday, 20 March 2011


I came across this book recently - given to me then aged about 3 by my godfather.

It was a well loved book as you can tell - I still have it over 60 years later!

aAll things bright and beautiful was one of my favourite hymns (still is really!) and I thought how simple it was back then to accept and believe in what I was taught at Sunday school. I think children back in the 40s were more accepting and less questioning anyway but my belief was unshakeable in those days.

Sometimes it is hard nowadays to be quite so accepting - maybe we should question - especially with all that is going on in the world just now but didn't Jesus say "Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18 v 3.

A little card given to me by a good friend when I was going through some difficult times and which I keep in my diary to remind me of its advice!
And finally an idea from the Methodist Church website for you to think about!

Prayer Plaits Cut three equal lengths of wool (approx 9 inches or 22 centimetres) in the colours of your choice. One colour represents yourself, one represents God and one represents other people. Knot them together at one end. As you reflect on your relationship with God and with others plait the wool. Knot the end when you finish and, as you do so, say a prayer commending yourself and those you have thought about, to God's love.


  1. What a lovely book! It's incredible how religion can be both a source of such comfort and the cause of so much violence and hatred.

  2. All Things Bright and Beautiful is my favourite hymn too and I quote the first verse quite often when people give me a hard time (why they feel the need to do that, I don't know) for being a vegetarian!
    Vivienne x

  3. Beautiful and thought provoking! Cx

  4. It is, as you say, having the wisdom to know the difference between the things we need to accept and the things we should change...
    Thank you for your interesting post.

  5. Love the book and I remember the hymn from Primary School. I hope you are keeping well and enjoying the Spring. Your walk looked cheerful scenic! It feels strange that Easter is so late this year, especially when we had pancake day in March instead of February! I love pancakes!
    Lucy xxxxxxx

  6. Your book reminds me of humble people, spreading the Good News of Christ. I'm so glad you showed us the pictures.
    I shall make a prayer plait. What a wonderful idea!

  7. Lovely book Jane. My school favourite was always 'Daisies are our Silver, Buttercups our Gold'. I think I still hold a love of the natural world above material goods, although i must say, I do appreciate my comfortable life.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Jill x

  8. A beautiful book! It's amazing that you still have it as well. :) x

  9. What a lovely treasure! Aren't the illustrations delightful. All things bright & beautiful has always been my favourite hymn too. I guess it's the innocence & sweet melody..a little like" Jesus loves me this I know"..has the same indelible sentiments. The prayer plait is a great idea. I guess you could do a really long plait if you had lots to pray about ; ) Have a lovely week. Much love Catherine

  10. I adore the illustrations in the childrens book, especially the chubby legs! The beehive is beautiful too and I have always liked the serenity poem. x

  11. Jane dear,

    We WILL meet someday! I LOVE your book. It is a treasure made even more precious by the memories. So happy you still love it and can look back on your childhood.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  12. Jane,
    I am a pushover for old books like this. What a fabulous name - Olive Openshaw. Did she do the illustrations too? That idyllic looking picture of the bee skeps is lovely, albeit a long way from the reality of it these days. Jill's comment about 'Daisies are our silver, buttercups our gold' also took me back. I love these posts about Lent and the responses they elicit from people. Lesley

  13. What a lovely book, a litttle treasure indeed!

  14. Jane, this is such a lovely post and very dear to my heart.

    The book is beautiful and charming. Also one of my favourite hymns.
    Items such as these are just so precious. They hold memories and loved ones near.

    My faith is strong and has seen me though many a bad time.......

  15. What a lovely book, the illustrations are wonderful, a real treasure. This is one of my favourite hymns too, we chose it for our wedding. It was my Grandfather's favourite too and he requested it be sung at his funeral which always comes to mind when I hear it, one of those things that makes you happy and sad at the same time. He was a lovely gentleman, passionate about gardening and nature. I wish it was sung more these days, it seems strange that I know so many hymns by heart and yet my children don't despite going to Sunday School regularly until teenagers, and also going to Church schools.



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