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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Time is rushing by!

The time seems to be rushing by and I feel as if I am struggling to keep up these last few days! I have had a busy week and then a friend came to spend a couple of nights and the coming week is full followed by another visit from freinds and then there is the postcard swap I am involved in and no card yet made and so it goes ..... I will go down the hole in the middle in a minute! I really enjoyed having my friend here and we were so lucky with the weather and were able to walk a lot - here is the view from Ham Hill which we went to on Thursday morning - it was a bit misty so the views were not as spectacular as usual though.

On Friday morning we went to Sutton Bingham reservoir and it was so beautiful - quiet in the morning sunshine with just an occasional fisherman to be seen. The photo makes it look dark but that must be because we were looking towards the sun for the sky was blue and the sun was actually bright!

We sat on this little step in the sunshine and enjoyed the warmth (apparently we were as warm as Rome or the Costa Blanca on Friday here!) and a good gossip.

Here we are walking back alongside the lake and taking photos of the wildflowers in the hedgerow.

Look little white violets along with the primroses here!

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and all seemed to be well in the world....

I am combining my Pause in Lent post with this one due to time constraints and my reflection this week is to take note of the following quote: "Be still and Know that I am God" - I have forgotten how to be still and am constantly rushing from one thing to another so maybe it is time to slow down, to be still and to Know God.

I haven't had time to visit your blogs nor to comment as I usually do. I feel that in my posts I am just repeating the same old things these days and that it might be good for me and indeed for you to have a rest from it all so I have decided to take a break - I will be back but I just need to catch up with the correspondence which is piling up, to paint the garden furniture, to wash the blankets to.......

I am making postcards for the swap which I am involved in and will be posting on Postman's Knock so you might like to pop over and see me there from time to time I am sure there will be some interesting postcards on view (not necessarily mine but there are some really talented ladies in the group).


  1. Thank you. I love this encouraging Scripture from the Word of God. And what lovely photos! Truly a delightful Pause in Lent - praying you are blessed during your rest. :)

  2. Are you sure you're taking photographs in that picture? It looks like you're eating cake to me! Glad you had a lovely break - and gossip - with your friend. The weather has indeed been kind and I'm really looking forward to that extra hour of light tonight to enjoy it in. Good luck with posting day on Friday. I hear Joanna has finished your first postcard and is pleased with it so you're in for a treat! Lesley x

  3. I think that it does everyone good to have a rest and take time away from regular things

  4. What beautiful photos, it did my English heart good to see the white violets growing in the wild.
    Rest and relax for a while.

  5. Lovely images Jane. It is good to pause and take time to do the things you need and want to do.

    Pause is my middlen name. I often find myself standing still and day dreaming.
    The child is still in me.....

    Look forward to you being back amongst us.......

  6. Lovely photos, it's nice to see all the spring plants out. Hope that you have time to relax and not worry about everything that needs done. :) x

  7. I love that scripture.
    May you be blessed as you follow it, taking time to be still.

  8. Do you know I have never seen white violets before, they're so pretty. :)
    Enjoy your little break and we'll see when you return!
    Vivienne x

  9. Lovely photos. Enjoy your break!

  10. I don't think I've ever seen white violets before -- beautiful. I hope the postcards aren't weighing too heavily on your mind -- it's only a bit of fun and I know everyone will be thrilled to get a homemade surprise in the post.

  11. Lovely photos. Keep blogging, I love reading your blog.

  12. I know what you mean about time flying. It is getting very busy here too.
    It is amazing how much you get done if you stay away from the computer!!!!

  13. Dear Jane, what a thought full soul you are. So glad you enjoyed your friend's visit. I hope you are able to catch up with yourself and be back with us soon.
    Jill x

  14. What could be better than good friends, good weather and a good gossip?

  15. Take all the time you need, sometimes we all need a break even from the things we enjoy......just to get caught up with our lives. Take care, Robin❤

  16. Hey, blog when you fancy, there should be no pressure on it. I loved Lesley's comment about the shadow and eating cake! Enjoy your friends, we will see you when you are back.

  17. Wonderful photos, stunning scenery. Enjoy your time out and I look forward to seeing you on your return!

  18. I think you should go down the hole and wait around for the white rabbit and whatever adventures to unfold!

  19. Love the little white violets growing with the primroses! I hope you have a peaceful time whilst you take a break.... but don't be away too long... we will miss you!
    Lucy xxxxxxx


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