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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Greetings

I have just been for a short walk along a road near here to take these photos - these early daffodils seemed to me to epitomise the hope which Christmas brings.
The sun was shining and although it was chilly I enjoyed these few moments on my own.
Happiness comes in many forms and for me this was one of them - on my own, in a place which I love, noticing Nature at work evein alongside a busy road!
I had earlier been listening to carols on Classic Fm and the last few lines of this one resonated with me which is why I wish you all Peace as well as happiness and hope this Christmas.  See you in the New Year!
And man, at war with man, hears not
The love-song which they bring;
Oh hush the noise, ye men of strife,
And hear the angels sing.


  1. A very happy Christmas to you too.

  2. 'Hope' is the word that mostly touches my heart these days.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Lovely to see those daffodils. :)
    Have a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas Jane!
    Vivienne x

  4. Have a happy and peaceful Christmas. Lovely to see the daffs. x

  5. Gosh, aren't those daffodils early? Beautiful sight.

    I wish you Peace and Joy for the season and hope to see you next year.

  6. Goodness, daffodils already?!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Jane :-)

  7. Just goes to show how mild it is, having daffodils for Christmas. We saw primroses today and thought the same.
    Wishing you a very merry Christmas Jane, and a happy and healthy New Year.
    Love Kate xxx

  8. Lovely to see those daffodils, Jane. We had some wonderful carol singers call on us last night singing just those very was lovely!
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas, and sending you all good wishes for health and happiness in 2012.
    Helen x

  9. Daff's already?! Can't be long until spring then! Have a fantastic Christmas! :) x

  10. Great to see the daffodils.have a great Xmas.

  11. Merry Christmas to you, Jane. How lovely to see the daffodils on your walk. A sign of hope for spring.

  12. Merry Christmas Jane! Best wishes to you and your family.

  13. Daffodils in December?? I am shocked, but mostly envious of your mild weather. You had a lovely walk, I enjoy seeing the green. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  14. Wow Jane daffodils already! How lovely .. and how different to last year.
    Hope you and David have a lovely day.
    Helen & Tony too

  15. Have a Cool Yule, hope 2012 brings all good things x

  16. Merry Christmas Jane, lovely daffodils by the road side, as you say beauty can be anywhere, even by a road!

  17. Dear Jane, I do hope that you are having a lovely Christmas. We went for a walk yesterday along the lanes and there were lots of little flowers and plants poking out of the ground already. I suspect you took the daffodil pix earlier this year?? Lizzie x

  18. .. just re-read your post and still cannot believe those daffs are for real! xxx

  19. Beautiful Daffodils and the words of the carol.......

    Enjoy the festivities,

    Claire :}

  20. Well Jane, I never got that promised walk - all rain and drizzle here since we last wrote but your daffodils have cheered me. I saw some in a florist's shop the other day and couldn't get my head around buying a bunch of something that is quintessentially Spring before Christmas. Those words of the carol resonate don't they? Looking forward to more of your thought provoking posts in 2012.

  21. Merry Christmas Jane. Wishing you a super 2012 full of lovely walks!
    Love Lucy xxxxx

  22. Hi Jane,

    Daffodils?? Is that a tad early, even for your part of the world.
    Mine are still sleeping, even though the weather has been relatively mild.

    Have a happy 2012, may it hold all your dreams and more :-)

  23. Those few lines you ended with really sum it all up I think. Wishing you a wonderful New Year and hope the months ahead are good to you in every way. Thank you for this amazing walk in your beautiful location. Daffodils already! They are lovely.

  24. Happy New Year Jane! See you somewhere soon no doubt! Lizzie x

  25. Daffodils already? That really is early! best wishes for 2012 Jane!

  26. Hello my dear,

    Thank you for your warm words of comfort. And the photos! Perfect.

    Of course you love the robin header...I photographed that little fellow in Beatrix Potter's garden. He was so tame and gave me such joy.

    Sending love across the miles,



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