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Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year - Fresh start?

Do you make resolutions at New Year?  I decided not to this year as I don't remember what I've resolved and even when I do I don't manage to keep them which brings a sense of failure.  Why is it only at New Year that we feel we can attempt to do all those things we always meant to do I wonder?  Surely each day is a new start and brings the chance to begin again if we so wish?  So my resolution - if I made one - would be to take each day as a wondrous opportunity to start again and not feel that once I have got to 2nd or 3rd January and failed then I must wait until the following New Year!


I have just read on Simone's blog Linden Grove that she is having a word for this year and hers is to be "create" - a word - now that sounds like something I could handle.  On second thoughts maybe I could have a new word each month so it didn't get boring.  Let's think what shall it be for January?  Hopefulness seems to fit the bill I think    What word would you choose I wonder?

We had some crackers at Christmas and as well as the usual hats, silly jokes and riddles each one had a topic for conversation and one of these was "If you had one day left to live how would you like to spend it?"  Although there were only 3 of us round the table this one provoked some very different responses.  My sister-in-law said she'd have a huge party, my husband said he'd do as he always does and I wanted to go for a long walk in my beloved countryside and then catch up with all my friends for a chat on the telephone.  I wonder what this says about our various personalities?  What would you do?

The photos were all taken recently - now if that isn't hopeful I don't know what is!!   Wishing you all best wishes for 2012 .


  1. I don't do resolutions either! I like the idea of a word for a month though...
    One day left- spend it with those I love most, outdoors would have to figure too. (It's a good question!) We had some hilarious jokes in crackers- somehow the wrong punchlines/answers had been put in which made the traditionally terrible jokes rather surreal instead...
    Happy New Year!

  2. I don't do resolutions either! A friend of mine lists all the things she wants to do during the year, then checks them off at the end of the year - I tried that once but lost the list!
    Word for my month - cheerfulness (to conteract the greyness outside).

  3. Wishing you a year of hopefulness! A new word every month sounds like a great idea - I may even take on the challenge! I don't know how I would spend my last day on earth but I would probably do a blog post!!! Happy New Year!!! x

  4. Happy New Year!

    For 2012 my words are
    "Don't Be Stale"

    The hope is to be inspired to keep moving, refreshing, and creating

  5. I too avoid resolutions and so avoid the guilt caused by breaking them! I'm not sure what my words for 2012 would be. Perhaps 'move forward', but 'create' is an excellent one. Happy New Year, Jane!

  6. If I had just one day I would probably partly do what you would do. I'd go for a long walk to soak in the beauty around me but then have all my friends around for tea and cake. But in reality I expect I'd spend it filling the freezer with food for the family!
    Happy New Year Jane, I hope January brings you good news on the health front.
    Kate x

  7. Love your blog. My word is going to be progress. Hopefully each day I will make some. If I had one day to live I would talk to everyone and say those things we are scared to or don't get around to saying.

  8. Love the photos they are indeed very hopeful and hopefulness is a very good word to live by.
    To be honest I don't think I would want to know if I only had one day left to live!!!
    Happy New Year Jane!
    Vivienne x

  9. Like Greenrabbitdesigns I don't think I would want to know if I only had one day left!
    Happy New Year
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  10. I don't do resolutions, but this year I decided I would try to be more re3solute and get stuff done...

  11. I don't make resolutions at any time, it would be pointless though,l having said that, I did stop smoking in 2010 and now can't stand being near smokers.

    Anyway, happy New Year to you and yours!

  12. I don't do resolutions either, but I do start the year with a lot of ideas, plans and hopes.

    Happy New Year to you and yours :D

  13. I'm another one who doesn't do resolutions either.
    I like your choice of word for the month, I think mine would be simplicity.

  14. Love the word 'create' as a word for the year! Your photos today look very fresh and cheerful. Wishing you a very Happy New Year, Jane!
    Helen x

  15. Hi Jane,

    I gave up NY resolutions many years ago. I can't think of anything I want to change :)

    Last day of my life, what would I do. That is difficult. I actually do not believe that we could truly know what we would do.

  16. Happy New Year Jane! I hope it brings good health, and plenty of time to do the things you love.
    Diana x

  17. Happy new year Jane, I like the idea of a word for every month, far more realistic, and you are right about everyday being a new day to appreciate the life we have. I see no snow this year, it looks so pretty when it snows, cold but beautiful!

  18. I can never remember my resolutions either ( except the one to lose weight and I never seem to have any success with that one !!). Thus the list this year. Hope it keeps me on track !
    For me this month is a bit of a jhorror with birthdays and anniversaries so perhaps "organisation" will have to be my word of the month.
    Looks like a very early Spring is happening over there but I guess you are probably in for a sudden plunge into Winter again aren't you?
    Hope you both have a very enjoyable 2012.

  19. I made a resolution this year, because I never make them. So I thought I would for a change :) I've decided to be organised this year. It's not something I can usually keep up for long, but it's something I really want to do. I aim to be organised in my home and in my life. I'm blogging about it for accountability and motivation, so feel free to come and have a look :)

  20. Happy new year!
    If I only had a day to live I would catch up with the ironing ... NOT! Resolved to give more priority to my blog and be a bit stronger about resisting other demands on my time. Create sounds.good to me!

  21. Not a resolution maker either - though I like the feeling that a New Year might bring something better so I suppose hopefulness would be a good word for me too. If I only had one day left, I bet someone else would find something else that I simply had to do first, and I rather fear I'd feel compelled to put everything in order -sad isn't It!

  22. A word a month sounds good Jane. I would happily sign up to 'hopefulness' and 'create' but may I choose 'anticipation'? I feel on the edge of something better going to happen this year. It might not but I am enjoying the anticipation of it all!!

  23. I've given up on resolutions too, I always fail at them and then feel like I have failed. I just plan this year to make the most of everyday.
    Can't believe you have daffodils already!! I can't wait to see mine and all the other new bulbs I planted last year.
    Take care,

  24. No resolutions for me either, but I do like to set myself some vague goals, like last year I learned to identify the bumble bees in my garden and now I'm down to give a short talk to my U3A natural history group. What would I do with one day? Ideally I would sit in the warm sun in front of a beautiful view and reminisce with my nearest and dearest.

  25. Wishing you the happiest new year ever ... create ... enjoy! xx

  26. Happy New Year Jane! I think I would like to learn new skills this year. I also think if I only had one day, then I would follow Jill's example and sit in the sun and reminisce.

  27. If I had only one day left, I would spend it with family.
    This year, I just want to get decent grades, but I am looking forward to the Olympics!
    Lucy xxxxxx

  28. Your idea of a last day is a very nice one. I can never answer questions like that myself! I love the flower photos. I bought some scented daffodils in Waitrose, although I know it's not the season for them but it was so nice to have a sniff of that Spring smell.

    Happy 2012 to you!

  29. What a beautiful, thought-provoking post.

    I tend to underplay the new year resolution thing too. I tend to agree with you about every day being a new beginning but there is clearly something inviting about a clean new slate, isn't there?

    Happy, peaceful and creative new year to you. I am so looking forward to seeing what it brings you ... and what you bring it ;-)

  30. Hello - Happy New Year and thanks so much for your thoughful comment. I have picked up on the idea of a word for the year too (last year I did survive with only one word all year which was 'enjoy' and I didn't get bored of it!). This year I think the word is going to be 'open'. And this year I actually am going to do some resolutions, but really small, measureable ones - I think it's the big, undefined/impossible ones that get us down...

  31. Hello you. I'm just catching up.....a little and wanted to pop by.

    Happy New Year - if I haven't said so already - and the warmest of wishes for 2012.

    Resolutions - mmmmmmmmm - I'm not sure this year, but I'll have a think.

    take care,

    Nina xxx


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