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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Girls' Day out

I had a day out in Salisbury yesterday with an old work colleague. I arrived in Salisbury early and so on my way from the station to our rendez-vous at the coffee shop I stopped off at a shop which I think would interest some of you. Called Lulu's and situated in Fisherton Street it had an amazing number of items for the home. Check out the website at

Pity about the car! Isn't that shop next door amazing - I do hope whoever takes it over will keep that fantastic tiled facade don't you?!

This is the interior of Lulu's

I loved this little peg doll which was the maker's trade mark I think as all the items made by this artist had these little dolls with the labels.

For those of you who worship at the altar of Kath Kidson there was a whole section of her stuff.

After we had had our coffee and a good natter we wandered down to the Cathedral - one of the loveliest in the UK I think - and joined a guided tour which was really interesting even though we didn't have time to stay till the end as we had booked a tour of Arundel's and we still had to have lunch!

Even though I have seen the cathedral many times I seem to find something different every time - I might use this photo on a Christmas card as it has the Virgin with the baby Jesus carved above the west door.

When you realise that this building was made before modern devices like scaffolding and cranes it is all the more amazing. All that carving done by hand.

I loved this ancient door handle - how many hands have turned it and whose hands were they I wonder?

These are the cloisters - again a very tranquil place and I think of how many people must have wandered here and whether they like us had problems and joys - for me an ancient place like this makes me realise that in the greater scheme of things any problems I may have are as nothing really and these stones have seen it all before!

How many voices have sung in this great space, how many feet have trodden the aisles and looked up in wonder at the stained glass?

We had our lunch in the refectory at the Cathedral with this stunning view of that amazing spire through the glass roof. The spire it seems was added much later and since the building was never designed to support such a weight the pillars inside began to buckle! It has been shored up with flying butresses (whatever they are!) and so on inside but the spire is not exactly vertical now and is in fact 29 inches out of true - our own Leaning Tower of Salisbury!

After lunch we crossed the Close to our appointment at Arundels - the home of Edward Heath. Whatever one's political views it is by any standards a beautiful house and the gardens are to die for. My friend and I had seen the gardens earlier in the year but not been able to see the house that day so yesterday wehad booked a place on a guided tour. It was a beautiful home and just as he left it but sadly no photographs were allowed. There was a library which had a fire burning in the grate, comfortable armchairs and French windows which opened onto the fabulous gardens.

Isn't this a tranquil garden? The lawns sweep down to the river and the water meadows beyond and on a sunny day it is so beautiful - I know because we were there at the beginning of summer on a sunny afternoon but sadly didn't have the camera with me that day.

I loved this little sundial set in a quiet corner

and in another little shady spot this stone seat - can't you just imagine sitting here with your crochet or a good book for a while?

When you turn back towards the house this is the view - imagine having that fantastic cathedral view from your garden!

Here is the driveway and the double gates leading to the Cathedral Close

I leave you with these two pictures taken in the Cathedral Close - autumn may be here now but these flowers didn't know that!

This lovely rose had such a fabulous perfume - I can almost smell it now!


  1. Oh, what have I done to deserve this? Is it God's way to soothe me after an awfully hard day? I was about to go to bed feeling quite sad, in hopes that my book which I'm finishing in a few pages will help me relax; and then I thought I'd have one last stop by blogland and came across your post. Pure bliss! I couldn't thank you enough!

  2. Simply charming way to spend the day with the girls. Did you know all of us in the States are just so jealoooooouuuuuus of the wonderful surroundings you all have a such close touch. I know some of you may think a day in Chicago would be wonderfully fun, which it is, but the landscapes you all have are breathe taking. Thanks so much for sharing all of this with us.

  3. What a lovely way to spend the day with your friend. Lulu's is my kind of shop and the gardens at Arundels look wonderful in their autumn colours with the leaves falling - I love the old stone bench!

    Salisbury Cathedral looks amazing and very imposing - I've never been - but I do like cathedrals - locally we have both Bury St Edmunds and Ely. Fantastic door and handle!

    Jeanne x

  4. Lovely pictures and a lovely tour. Lulu's looks like I could get lost for a good couple of hours!

    Nina x

  5. What a wonderful girls day out! Absolutely lovely photos, it looks like it was a beautiful place to visit. I especially love the old decorative door handle - makes you wonder how many hands have turned it.

  6. Love the photo of the door handle and the one underneath it. They are really, really beautiful. :O)x

  7. Pre-children I often travelled round Salisbury on the way to Ringwood for my job - never stopped off unfortunately. The only other time I've been to Salisbury was to the rugby club for a regional match last season - I should obviously make the effort to go for me for once as it looks a lovely place

  8. Love the photos of the cathedral, really puts perspective of things. I can't remeber if I have answered you question about my chrochet balls, I thouht about it many times and with all these little girls in my hous I seem to be interupted quite often...

    Begin by chaining 4 and joining to form a ring. Then you do two single stiches and continue with that until teh end of the row, continue row after row until you have the size you want have. Then do som rows without increasing, maybe 2 or 3, depending on the size of course. And then you make the rest of you rows in every second stich until the ball is almost closed, I filled mine with the same yarn as I use to make them ( but they are very small and then close off with a slip stich. ( I hope it's understandeble, I'm pretty hopeless in explaining in words and in english words... oh my...)

    Anna x

  9. Darling, came over for a visit from Pomona's blog and now I don't want to go home. Your blog is amazing, full of interesting posts and lovely photos. I just had to join your followers and promise to be back daily to visit you.

    Love & Hugs

  10. Ooooh Lu-Lu!! I love all the pink and the peg dolls--over here we'd call them clothes pins. I know I can make some of them--my granddaughter would like them.


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