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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A walk in the woods

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a walk through the woods to our local post office to post a couple of letters. We hadn't done any walking during our visitors stay as they either couldn't or wouldn't walk any distance so I needed to stretch my legs and have time for musing such as is only possible when walking.

The wood is literally on our doorstep - you can see our house through the trees.

I hadn't gone far when I wondered if I should go back and change my shoes! However being somewhat lazy I carried on and in fact the remainder of the path was dry.

At one point you can see the view over the town towards the distant hills from a gap in the trees.

Our wood is a friendly wood not too dark and threatening and when the sun shines it comes through the branches to leave a dappled pattern on the path. Sometimes yesterday it did and sometimes the clouds won!

The path ends up at the badger set from where each night the animals make their forays to our gardens and wreak havoc amongst the plants and on the lawns. I suppose that Badgerville has been here for much much longer than our homes so maybe the badgers have first claim to the territory but it can be jolly annoying to have your garden dug up at night!

I reached our post office and duly posted my letters (horrific cost to mail a small card and gift book to Australia and a letter to our bank in France!) but I did also find some Chelsea buns on sale there. I always mean to shop more often in this little shop as it is well stocked with goods including the baked goods which are made in a local bakery whose bread is delicious. I don't know how much more expensive shopping here would be but it would certainly be more ethical helping the small shops stay open and the walk there and back would do me good!

Sunshine and shade on the return walk.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this little feather on the nettles - isn't it perfect?

Or the last of the rosebay willowherb - what a fabulous colour!

Nearly home - there is the house behind the trees.

We took our cup of tea and the buns out into the garden where we sat enjoying the peace and listening to the birdsong. Did I envy our friends their cruise? No, not at all for who could want more than a quiet cuppa with a Chelsea bun in one's own garden after a lovely walk. No trees on a cruise liner!!!
Thanks to all those of you who visited me and left comments I hope to get round to replying to you all in due course. Time is cut short today though as something has happened with posting this and I lost half of it and had to re do it!


  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely walk through the woods, the photos were very inviting and peaceful. The chelsea bun looks delicious! Nothing better than a cuppa and a yummy sweet bun...

  2. I love walking - in the woods in particular, and I often blog about the enjoyment of the peaceful 'nature reserve' right on my doorstep; just like yours. Our local Post Office and village shop closed down a while ago due to cut backs in the PO, and the village shop couldn't afford to carry on. It's such a shame and I miss being able to pop down there for the newspapers, local milk and the odd grocery item.

    I'm with you on the cruise liner thing. I love travelling and going abroad but I need to be near nature - being on a cruise line for a couple of weeks is my holiday hell!

    Have a great day. Jeanne x

  3. What a lovely walk in the woods. All this fresh air around you must be invigorating.
    The buns look yummy!

  4. What a lovely trail you have to walk on so close to your house. And nothing is better than a small treat of coffee with a sweet little bun to soak that day treasured moments up.

    Thanks for sharing to peaceful time with all of us.. Kate

  5. Wow how lovely walk! Thanks for showing us!
    The feather is sooo cute in the nettles! :-)

    Here is last evening in Spain, I'll upload some pictures etc... this weekend.




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