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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Looks like Christmas!

Last week whilst our visitors were here I received a package from Spain containing my swap partner's gifts. It was like Christmas opening it and wondering what I would find inside.
It contained this lovely little crocheted pincushion - how did she know that my current one was so old and tatty I wonder?!

This is the underside - very Christmassy in red with the green and cream top isn't it?

And this lovely poinsettia which can either be used as a table decoration or with an added loop hung either on the tree or the wall. I think it's fab don't you? And to have crocheted that in the heat of a Spanish summer too!

To complete the parcel there were 2 balls of this lovely yarn in soft neutral colours - I can't wait to try out one of my crochet flowers using it. It will be interesting to see how they look when not done in bright colours - I think it will look good.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU Alahna I love my gifts - even the pretty pink ribbon will be utilised in some crazy patchwork too.

I am slowly getting back to my normal routine after our 10 days of entertaining. I loved having our friends here and we see them so rarely it was good to see them again.


  1. They are lovely, very festive, perfect for gifts!xxx

  2. I's always nice to have the house back to yourself after visitors - we stayed with friends at the weekend and I'm sure they felt the same when we left - and a good old tidy up is in order!

    Your gifts are lovely - very festive colours.

    Jeanne x

  3. You've got some lovely gifts! Enjoy them! How is this swap organised, I wonder? I love sending and receiving parcels.

  4. Brill gifts!! Hope you have fun with them :)
    i love parcels, they bring me joy :)
    Lucy xx

  5. Jane, I am glad the parcel arrived safely. I was so worried to have written the wrong address or that it took a month or two to reach you, but now I can rest assured.
    Hope you enjoy your Christmas gifts. I will be looking forward to your creations with the yarn and ribbon.
    Regards :-)

  6. Hi there lucky you for receiveing your swap gift's and such pretty ones too. Nuria was the recipient of my swap items, but I have yet to receive mine and the suspense is driving me mad. I love the twist to this and may bear it in mind again if I decide to organise a swap a bit nearer Christmas. Dev x

  7. What a fun idea. You are so far ahead of the ball with looking at Christmas already. I'm still eyeing balls of my fall colors wonder what to start for Oct. What cute little things you have already created for this holiday season.

  8. Such a beautiful package of goodies.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  9. Wow! What a lovely swap!

    Pomona x

  10. Your swap package looks so much like Christmas ..your ornament and pin cushion, Alhana did a beautiful job.

    I too was part of this swap, go on over to my blog and check out the gorgeous wreath that Alessandra sent me.


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