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Saturday, 18 April 2020

Bunker news - woodland walk

Yesterday we had rain the first for some time as we have been basking in some early spring sunshine and warm days.  We woke to find that it had rained overnight and was by morning coming down heavily.  I opened the back door when I came downstairs and the perfume of parched English soil in the rain was wonderful!  It was something I missed when we lived in France as although we had rain on dry soil and it did smell it wasn't the same aroma as we get here.

 I remember sitting on the covered patio  you can see here when it was raining or had rained and noticing the different smell and feeling a little homesick!

After lunch I decided to go for a walk in the wood as I thought there might be fewer people up there if it was raining and I didn't might a bit of rain - I am English after all and we are used to it.

 It stopped raining as I set off and there were a few others in the wood enjoying the quiet like me and we passed with the requisite distance between us all very strange and like some kind of dance. I came upon this little den as I walked and wished I might crawl inside and sit quietly away from the world as it is just now  But of course I didn't and it would probably have been somewhat damp and I had nothing to sit on something which wouldn't have worried me as a child in the woods!

It was lovely in the wood, the trees had suddenly become clothed in green leaves that hadn't been there last time I went and there were wild flowers such as Lords and Ladies, yellow deadnettles, red campions and herb robbert and even a few bluebells although they weren't the traditional British blue bells but probably escapees from nearby gardens where people have grown blue and white and even pink bells.

 I did enjoy my walk and returned home feeling much refreshed and more positive about life and how it might be when eventually we are able to go where we like and to hug each other again and not do the dance of keeping 6 feet apart all the time. 

I am still puzzling out how best to get some shopping but for now we have what we need and since a neighbour came round with a letter she said had been delivered in error to them and asked if I wanted anything from the shops as she was going I now have a bag of potatoes and half a dozen eggs so we shan't starve just yet!  Oh and the water butts are all full to the top again so we shan't have to worry about watering the garden either.

What was bizarre though was that the letter was an election letter frm the Lib Dems and must have been sent last year so where had it been I wonder?


  1. You have had rain, can you send it our way. After an unbelievably wet winter we have had no rain for four weeks the ground is so hard now! The smell of rain after a prolonged period of dryness is a wonderful smell isn't it, I had no idea it was unique to this country. I would miss it too.

    I am glad to hear that you are managing to get out for regular walks and I hope that you find a way to get your food shopping done.

  2. Rain here too, which is making such a difference to the very dry garden.
    M/S are doing food boxes, fruit vegetables etc.

  3. Lovely woods to walk in. The letter was probably stuck somewhere at the post office, and came lose during a clean out.
    It is good to know you getting the food you need.

  4. Nothing like a lovely Spring rain to wake up the greenery. What a nice gesture from your neighbor. Glad you have what you need.

  5. The word for that smell after rain is petrichor, I like it a lot.

    How lucky we are to have good neighbours and I am glad that you enjoyed your walk in the woods.

  6. No rain here, although we could do with a little. I, too, love the smell of earth after rain. Your walk in the woods will have cheered you up, I hope. Nature has a way of doing that.


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