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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Flower Power!

I was going through my knitting pattern folder and came across this earlier today - it's a page torn from an old magazine from the 60s
Knowing how much some of you like crochet flowers I thought you might be interested in this little gem from Honey (anyone remember that one?)

I don't remember ever actually making anything shown here although I did make a few individual flowers - nothing much has changed there then still making bits and bobs and doing nothing with them all these years later!

I think my days of bare midriff dresses are long gone (if they were ever here!)but I might make some more of the flowers and use to trim a bag - do I actually need any more bags? Probably not!

I also found a complete Honey magazine which I had kept because I was in some of the pictures of a beauty course they had organised back in 1966 and in that magazine I came across some adverts including one for a corselette costing 59/6 - did anyone actually wear those things? Perhaps. And this one for L'Oreal bleach

At 4/3 we were "worth it" even then!

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.


  1. I like old magazines; you can see the same little bits we like today used in different ideas. I like crochet flowers but would never wear clothes full of them. Brooches yes, whole tops no way!

  2. What agreat post....I love blonde ad.....fab!x

  3. Amazing how all the 60s are coming back. What a find, you are in style with this one...

    Happy Sunday
    Kate - The Garden Bell - <3 <3 <3

  4. I think the 60's are coming back into fashion and have interesting colour combinations. The crocheted flowers are different to the ones I am used to seeing. How did you manage to get into the magazine, its amazing!?
    Lucy xxx

  5. I love looking back through old magazines. They are so fascinating! 1966, my year... I was born then. What a lovely souvenir for you to have.

    I do like that blue dress!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  6. Lovely post. You brought back some lovely teenage years were in the sixties. My Mum bought me a dress in white, very similar to the blue one that you show.....

    Great post

  7. Ye Gods! Honey Magazine! Thanks for reminding me.... funny what you forget! :O)))))

  8. How fascinating! Love the pictures. I'm only just outside the 60's....!

  9. I love Capable Kate's crochet blouse!! And she's so'wretchedly energetic' she made a matching handbag!!
    It's great looking back through old magazines, though this one really makes me realise how times have changed!

  10. Thanks for your good wishes on my birthday. My cousin has suggested celebrating for the whole year, drinking lots of bubbly. Sounds like a good idea to me!
    Perhaps it's time to use that L'oriel bleach to take the colour out of my hair and give up trying to cover my increasing number of greys?
    And yes , of course we're worth it !!!

  11. Great post Jane. I don't think advertisers these days would ever use the word bleach, would they! I do like the haircut though - very now! And how about a pink lacy scarf ... fab!!

    Jeanne x

  12. I love old magazines - I could trawl through my mums for hours. It's a shame they are all so glossy these days.

    Nina x

  13. Great stuff - and are you going to show us your contribution????

    Kate x

  14. I noticed you didn't show us the bit about you in the magazine, teehee.

  15. I have never heard of that magazine- perhaps we did not have it in little old NZ! I am dying for you to show us you, in the magazine! Please! please!
    I love looking through old pattern books and magazines. My mother used to get the English Womens Weekly, and the covers were pink and blue. I loved looking through them.

  16. Don't know how I missed this post - but Honey magazine was my favourite - so this brought back many memories. I used to also get the weekly Petticoat when I was still in the 6th form and have their basic pattern still, which was printed on vilene. Every week they would show a dress you could make with it. Once I managed to get the exact fabric which was a Rose and Hubble crinkly cotton - crepette I think it was called and made a drop waist mini-dress I can see it now!

  17. these are terrific - it reminded me a wee restaurant just across from the festival theatre where they've pasted up lovely old magazine articles in the loo! fab groovy! what a happy find!

  18. Loving the plastic bag idea, may have to try that out one day too, very inspiring :)


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