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Friday, 26 February 2010


We have had friends staying since Monday so I haven't had a spare moment to post or to comment on yours either.

It was lovely to see them again and we did enjoy their stay but sadly the weather wasn't good until this morning - Sod's Law!

This afternoon we went to Waitrose to replenish stocks and the drive was beautiful in the spring sunshine. This time I had remembered my camera and we stopped so that I could take some photos of the snowdrops which I had seen through the open gateway of a large house not far from here.

How lucky that the sun was shining - had I remembered my camera previously these photos would have looked very different in the rain!

Imagine having this as your driveway and those beautiufl carpets of snowdrops in your own garden - of course I could only stand at the gate and take the photos so there are no close ups. Have a good weekend and let's hope the weather is good wherever you are.


  1. Enjoy the sunshine!
    Beautiful photos!

  2. Lovely pictures!
    I love having ppl to stay....its so sad when they go!xx

  3. Gorgeous photos. Love the snowdrops.
    A x

  4. Oh I'm envious of your sunshine Jane, it's been a shocker here!!

    Lovely garden - masses of snowdrops look so pretty - I wonder what that pinkish shrub is?

    Jeanne x

  5. Our Snowdrops are out as well but it is also snowing because we are high up in the Pennines!
    Lucy xx

  6. There is hope, lovely photos! You too, have a lovely weekend!

    Anna x

  7. We've had sunshine and showers, and a 'tempete' forecast for tomorrow! I also have 2 snowdrops - that is 2 flowers, not 2 plants! Thanks so much for your photos of the real thing.

  8. Lovely photos - let's hope we've turned the corner with the weather. My newly planted early crocuses are beginning to open, spring can't be far off.

  9. Lovely photos! Sunshine and a sign of spring. My poor daffodils are still buried under the snow, I haven't seen them in three weeks and I do worry they gone for good. The snowdrops are beautiful, I wish we had some here :-)
    Have a lovely weekend!
    PS - Welcome back, I was starting to worry about you!

  10. Great photos of the little snowdrops but what is the pink stuff growing there? Looks very spring-like where you live now, you may have seen the last of Winter.

  11. Hi Jane
    Shame the weather wasn't better for their visit, but at least you got one good day! What a beautiful entranceway - there must be thousands of snowdrops there!
    best wishes

  12. Hi Jane, these photos look lovely very mild compared to Scotland, we are still braving chilly weather!
    Snowdrops have a childlike humble beauty....
    beautiful post!
    Linda x

  13. Beautiful! I would love to have a carpet of snow drops like that!

  14. Beautiful photos, and I hope you have more days of sunshine!!

  15. Sunshine and snowdrops at last! We've got 6 snowdrops at best - it would be lovely to have a carpet of them...!

  16. I think I would quite like a flagpole, too - what fun! But just a little sunshine would do!

    Pomona x

  17. We have the snowdrops....... alas, no sunshine.

  18. What a beautiful drift. We've had a beautiful sunny day today. Pity I was working most of it. Looking forward to spring now!

  19. I can feel your relaxed spring mood ooze from the page! Beautiful post Jane x


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