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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Playing around

Having had all of a bright sunshinyday to do it I have tried to take these photos now it's getting dark!
I have been playing about at this and that having seen Jill's felting here

and having been reading
this book which I got from the library (hence the shiny cover which reflects the light for which my apologies) which is filled with inspiring ideas I wanted to see if I could do some embellishing by hand - not having a machine as mentioned in the book. I tried an embellishing machine at the Knitting and Stitching exhibition when I was there and enjoyed using it but at £250 I would need to do a lot of embellishng to justify buying one. But it certainly works better than stabbing it with a felting needle by hand!

I shall add some embroidery and a few beads and that will be another sample for the back of the cupboard!

Next up was some printing on brown paper and adding bits to it and stitching it as mentioned in the book above. I was expecting to produce something like the examples in the book :)! but needless to say this scrap was what I achieved. I think it is something I might like to do more of though and then I might get better at it. This was a photo taken at Stourhead.

although I will certainly forgive you if you couldn't tell!

Must go and do something creative - like open a carton of soup - in the kitchen now as it is supper time here!


  1. Very cool. Looks like you are have fun. Stay warm with your soup.

    Kate - The Garden Bell - <3
    <3 = Heart
    <3 <3 <3 = Hearts

  2. I can tell it's Stourhead! Great textures and fabric choices with the brown paper.How did you transfer or print the photo? Shall be keen to see how you evolve this masterpiece... same with the other one, which is equally interesting. How dare you threaten to throw it at the back of the cupboard? Make it into a little pillow or card perhaps? You're so talented... you can even open cartons of soup. Magic. Lesley x

  3. As an embellishing machine owner (and not frequent enough user) I can say they are fantastic things...and amazing to play with...I keep mine plugged in and set up so that I can have a little go when I've got five minutes

  4. Jane, you are an inspiration - love all the textures. You are tempting me. I quite like doing a bit of stitching in the evening as it's clean and dry - as opposed to wet and messy (paint and glue. I love the petally textured one.

  5. You put me to shame. I really need to do something a little bit more arty with my sewing. Keep it up.

  6. It seems to me that you are a very talented, creative person. Don't you dare put your felty creation in the back of the cupboard. Frame it and sell on Etsy like others do or put it up for sale on your blog. I thought it was lovely.

  7. I love your felt creation! It should be proudly hung on the wall, not hidden in the back of a cupboard. I think I might have to try some felting, but first I need to find a store in my town that actually sells yarn that is wool :-)
    Have a lovely day.

  8. Don't you just love playing around with arty crafty things! The trouble is, the crunch comes when reality sets in, & you have to stop to eat or cook!

  9. Carry on playing... we love to see...! Great experiments.

  10. Our embellisher is a Huskvarna and was less than £200. We really love it. Your experiments are great - keep at it. I make all my experiments small enough to go on a card and then my lucky friends( or unlucky whichever way you look at it!) get them as thank you or birthday cards!!

  11. There's nothing like a good book for inspiration (and relaxing!). Love what you've done.

  12. I love all your ideas and experiments Jane so keep up the good work and continue having fun!

    Jeanne x

  13. LOVE what you're doing with the felt Jane! x

  14. I think your felt project has the beginnings of something beautiful.
    Bright and vibrant colours it is just the fix for another grey Winter's day.

  15. They look gorgeous and very unique, I will look forwand to seeing more!!!
    Have a nice valentines day
    Lucy xx

  16. Resist the temptation that is the cupboard door and keep the creations outside of it. Really really impressive stuff you've done there!


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