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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Making life difficult for oneself!

I have done my 20 minutes and some today! I have a couple of IKEA baskets which sit on a shelf in my bedroom and I wanted to store some scarves in one of them but because the baskets are so ragged inside I knew the scarves would soon have pulled threads and tears so decided to try lining them.

Shouldn't be difficult should it as they are square - a cube I guess- I couldn't figure out how to cut and fit the lining but decided to make 2 long rectangles and fit them at right angles to each other. Found the material - an old duvet cover we inherited from the vendor of our house in France! - and duly cut and stitched 2 long double layered rectangles. So far so good!

Now the tricky part - trying to find a way to stitch them to the basket - it proved incredibly difficult to do trying to find the spaces between the cane when the material was in the way!

I certainly won't be going for a job lining baskets! It took absolutely ages to do this simple task - and I still have the other one to do! With hindsight - always a wonderful thing - it might have been easier to make loose elasticated linings which came over the edge of the basket but then I would have covered the top edge of the basket and I didn't want to do that as I like the finish of the cane edge. What would you have done?

Look what I found in the garden! Spring will soon be here!!


  1. Looks lovely though! I think what you need is a very long needle - maybe for sailmaking?

  2. Your basket looks great with that lining! As you could see from my sewing inside my crocheted bag, sewing is not my strong point and I am always amazed when other people can sew so well.
    It has been snowing again here and I can't wait for it all to go away and for Spring to come!
    Lucy xxx

  3. Jane, I have a little shopping basket I bought in Marrakesh, it has a hole in the bottom and I need to line it, however, what has held me back has been the same problem. I just don't know how to attach it without it coming over the top to the outside. I dread the thought of trying to push a needle through the straw and the lining. You look to have done a great job though. Well done you!

  4. I have done this job too, converting a cheap lidded basket into a store for my sewing stuff. I remember sewing the lining in was a real chore, but I still use it years later, so a few hours of pricked fingers was well worth the effort. I'm sure you'll think so too - next week!

  5. Jane,
    I think you have done a sterling job. I might have cheated and stuck the lining to the basket with fabric glue but the downside would have been that you could never change your mind and take it out later. It looks great.My thoughts are not on the basket - I was wondering more about how many scarves you've got! If you can fill two baskets full there must be a lot of them.... good luck with doing the next one. Lesley. PS Love the primrose. Let's hope it is a harbinger of Spring as you say.

  6. The basket looks good,well done.
    I hope spring is almost here, it's snowing again here tonight!

  7. Your basket lining looks lovely and I think you've done a great job.
    In the past I had a lined basket stall at our school fete and to line the baskets we sewed a rectangle that was about 3 inches deeper than the basket. When we had carefully measured we joined the rectangle ends to make a tube , fitted it into the basket and glued it in place with PVC glue that dries clear. I used pegs to hold it all in place overnight. Then we covered a padded square with the same material and glued it into position in the base to cover the extra material.
    The baskets looked lovely and were a great seller at the fete.

  8. Oh a lovely little primrose - what a welcome sight!

    Your basket is transformed with the addition of the lining Jane - it looks really pretty - I would have done it the same way too, so no crafty tips from yours truly I'm fraid!

    Jeanne x

  9. The sight of a primrose is a really welcome sign and surely spring will be here soon! I think your basket turned out beautifully for all it's trouble.

  10. You've done a great job there - I was only reading the other day about lining baskets - it looked way too difficult so I shelved the idea!

  11. Good job girl!!!! And thank you for the little bit of spring hope, bring it on! My garden is still under the white stuff! x

  12. The basket looks really classy - I can only suggest a curved upholstery needle but it would still be tricky stitching through the gaps in the weaving.

  13. The basket looks perfect, definitely worth all the hard work. And I love the fabric. The primrose is indeed is most welcome sight, let's hope you're right! x

  14. Many thanks for adding the link to our shop blog. Your name is in the draw. Good luck.
    A x

  15. It's a lovely lining! And what a find --

  16. The basket looks lovely. I'd have done exactly the same.

  17. I adore your lining. I might have tried glue. I have successfully lined round baskets, using good quality glue- they are still intact 15 years later.


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