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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Des. Res. courtesy of Royal Mail!

Came across this whilst on a walk with friends this afternoonn!

I wondered about the damage to the babies in the nest when I read that damage to mail posted may occur!

Those birds obviously have a taste for things vintage in their choice of home as you will see they have picked a GR mailbox (must be over 50 years old) rather than the next one we came across which was an ordinary ER one!!

Here are a few more photos I took - as ever I can never get over how lucky I am to have ended up in this beautiful part of the world.

Pretty stream with primroses and wood anemones along the banks.

I haven't seen anemones for ages but there were hundreds along our route.

So delicate and perfect aren't they?

Nearly there - just up this country lane and we'll be back to the car park where we left the cars - I don't know how far we walked it took us about 2 hours but with some many stiles to be negotiated, friends for company, such stunning scenery and beautiful wild flowers to see it didn't seem that far at all!


  1. Such a lovely walk and I hope the nest isn't disturb - though such a small slot to access....adamant little birdies.

    Nina x

  2. I love anemones, I have some blue ones that self sow in my garden, but I've never seen them in the wild.
    I wonder what type of birds they are, how lovely that they've found a nice safe home to rear their family in.

  3. Honestly, never mind letters perhaps getting pooped on in the post box, what about the little baby birds in there getting great big heavy letters dropped onto their delicate little heads!?!

    Beautiful photos from your walk, how very idyllic.

  4. Aww, at least they took the time to put a notice on to warn people though, rather than moving the birds out. Good old Royal Mail! I wonder which birds are in there?
    Your pictures are beautiful and it's great you love where you live so much!

    Ps Did you ever catch this post on post from Leslie over at Printed Material?

  5. Sounds like the perfect day and a lovely walk. Bless those little birds for choosing the post box to have their young. Do you think Royal Mail were being ironic or just plain callous. I'm sure we're not the only ones to be taken aback by that notice.

    Enjoy your beautiful walks Jane!

    Jeanne x

  6. Beautiful, and I love the idea of the birds nesting in a post box.

  7. What a lovely walk, beautiful day and the birds nesting in the letter box - just perfect!

  8. I wonder if it is robins, they have the reputation for nesting in curious spots. What a wonderful walk - you certainly do live in a beautiful part of the world.

  9. My first thoughts were robins too.......... Lovely anemones........

  10. I loved sharing your country walk! How lovely to see those beautiful flowers growing wild.

  11. Jane,
    What a wonderful tale. I've noticed a lot of mating type activity in the last week or so but I'm amazed some little pair have already got on with the job - so to speak... I would have picked robins too but they like an open front and the gap is not that big in a post box is it? Could you go back in a few weeks after fledging and give us an update please? I need to know these things! Love the wood anemones too. Simple things are the best aren't they? Lesley x

  12. How lovely to find birdies nesting in a post box, shows they have good taste! Lucey xx

  13. I love British postboxes! Hope no one disturbed the birds.
    Stop by my blog, there's a surprise for you!

  14. Silly me! No, I don't have your address! Could you please e-mail it here:

  15. We had some not so sensible birds nesting in our garden until the weekend. They decided to nest in an ivy that is covering one wall, but is in very easy reach of our 4 cats. Needless to say we found a dead chick on our lawn. And then our girl cat added insult to injury as she jumped from the patio straight into the ivy and proceeded to sit in the vacant bird nest.


  16. We have nesting robins each year in a post box along the lane. The postman nets the box, so that people do not use it but the robins can still get in. Everyone understands and leave the little birds in peace to raise their brood.

    Wood anemone are very good this year. They are out in the local woods and along the lanes. I do love them.

    Glad you had a lovely is good to walk and talk with friends.

  17. What a thoughtful company is, Royal Mail. Hope they give it a good clean when they move out!


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