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Friday, 2 April 2010

Lemon Inspiration - Easter!

What have lemons got to do with Easter I hear you ask! Well it was this lovely bright yellow net that inspired me to make this Easter card for you.

I have used some of the bright yellow fabric I received this week as part of my swap along with some other bits and bobs and a couple of scraps of the lemon net!

A couple of little plastic bunnies in the same colours - cute eh?!!

And a yellow ribbon to finish it off. Happy Easter to you all!

I decided against making a simnel cake this year - I'd only eat too much of it and then wonder why I had gained weight - but I did make some hot cross buns. I was in a rush though and instead of making pastry or piped paste crosses I simply slashed crosses on mine - bit of a swiz but no doubt they will taste the same. (Postscript - they did - they were very very good!)

This afternoon in between the showers I went across to the woods in front of our house and picked some twigs for my Easter decoration

What do you think - gives the Christmas tree a run for its money perhaps?

I just had to take a photo of the primroses on our bank - a real breath of Spring aren't they?

My pots outside the front door were also looking very colourful in the sunshine

Aren't these a fabulous colour?

I leave you with a ta da moment- you may remember way back in the summer last year when I was a very new blogger I told you about the patchwork lessons I was attending? Well I made 4 blocks and gave up deciding that life was too short to spend it doing something that didn't really grab me. I knew I would never live long enough to make a quilt but surely a few cushion covers wouldn't be too difficult? Well I have had those 4 blocks hanging about ever since but this week I finally finished one of them -so ta da!!!

I even managed to figure out how to do buttonholes on my machine - now I have had that machine for about 25 years so wouldn't you have thought I'd have learned how to do them before now?! Still I felt well pleased with my self and "went to bed less stupid that night" as the French would say (where we might use the phrase "to learn something new every day"). I also noticed when trawling through the handbook - does anyone read their handbooks before starting off or are you all like me and can't wait to get started and only refer to the handbook when you get stuck?! - that for sewing leather I should have used the roller foot so no wonder my leather sewing didn't go too well!! Again something new learned and I will now be able to have another go at the leather bag.

Have a good weekend and I'll be back next week.


  1. Not even sure where my sewing machine manual is *blush*.

    Hot Cross Buns look scrummy - I was bad & we had shop ones.

  2. I've had my machine for nearly forty years, and I've only recently discovered that I have a special foot to use when making buttonholes... I expect I read the manual when I first got it when I was 18, didn't I?

  3. I don't think I have the manual for my machine, it's over 25 years old now, and apart from missing a display light, is still in working order.
    I love the Easter tree - where did you get the eggs from, or did you make them?

  4. The card is gorgeous. Love the little bunny buttons!

  5. Four comments - why not a fifth? As you may have gathered, Blogger told me my comments were not being registered, but I kept trying!!!

  6. Lovely card, very pretty. Thc cushion is lovely too, as are your photo's. Have a lovely weekend....

  7. Sewing machine manual? What's that??? :-) Never read mine and I am sure I missing out on heaps of tricks my machine can do! Love your card, it's really beautiful and your flowers are gorgeous! I remember you patchwork from last summer, it looks fabulous as a pillow!
    Have a happy easter!

  8. Pots look so lovely and colourful. Darling popped in to wish you and your family a joyous and blessed Easter.

    Love & Hugs

  9. What a brilliant post Jane, from start to finish. I loved the little bunnies on your card. As for the Easter tree, it's brilliant. The one I made at Christmas with robins on is still sitting in my kitchen window, so I think I shall decorate it with Easter bits and bobs.
    Then, finally, reading the comments I roared with laughter at the way Pearly Queen's comments had all been saved and published. (Pearly Queen, we feel your pain!). Blogger seems to have a mind of its own, doesn't it? Have the most wonderful Easter Jane.

  10. Jane,
    Love the cushion. That fabric that looks as if it has lilacs on it is just lovely. I have never made hot cross buns and will not show your photo to him indoors in case he decides I should have a go... ( I still haven't made the mincemeant and apple thing either... shame on me) Everything looks great in this post. Looks like you're having a lovely Easter. Enjoy every moment of it! Lesley x

  11. Only this morning I had my husband looking through the machine manual for me while I carried on sewing, I cannot spend time on reading when there is sewing to be done.
    Many moons ago I had a scooter, (not childs, petrol, lol.) and I only wanted to ride it, not put petrol in it, once again I used to get my husband to fill it for me.
    Maybe I have a problem, but who cares as long as I can still laugh. Eccentric ? maybe!

  12. Love the card - and the cushion - and the plants are pretty darn good too!! have a Happy Easter!

  13. Those hot cross buns look delicious, I keep meaning to make some, but never seem to get round to it until after Easter! Thanks for posting pictures of the pots on your doorstep, mine are now od my to do list!
    Happy Easter!
    a-m x

  14. Your Easter card, buns and 'tree' are fab, and isn't amazing how fast everything is coming on? But I love your cushion. I hadn't read this when I wrote my post about having to consult the handbook to thread up my new machine, but only 'cos I had to.

  15. Lots of great eye candy! Your hot cross buns look good, I've never tried making them before. Primroses have got to be one of my favourite spring flowers. Happy Easter!

  16. Love the card. Those hot cross buns look wonderful. Happy Easter.

  17. All looks sunny and colourful in your neck of the woods.
    We are enjoying the cooler weather here in Paris and the good weather should come our way tomorrow. We are not complaining and we have brollies and raincoats if we need them. Perhaps the Eiffel Tower tomorrow.

  18. Thank you for sharing such special Easter images with me!
    Kindest Regards Linda

  19. Love your bright lemony card and your tree!!! Your buns look delicious too! It really feels like spring with all those colours and different to the grey skies today!
    Happy Easter!
    Lucy xxxxx

  20. What a fabulous card, so very creative. I do so admire crafters, I would not know where to begin.

    I am not a cake lover but I do have a weakness for any kind of bun. They look good enough to eat.

    The tree is so are one very talented lady.....

  21. such a very pretty post. i love anything lemony :o)

    xxx sumea

  22. Great post! SO much prettiness and colour. Thanks for your kind comments about my mum.

  23. Pretty Easter tree - what a great idea! Good to see everything is looking so colourful in your garden Jane, the pots look so inviting outside the door. Hope you had a good Easter.

    Jeanne x

  24. I love the Easter tree (we do ours on Ash Wednesday and it stays up through Easter) and that card is really pretty!

    And I'm jealous of the primroses -- how beautiful!

  25. Hope you had a great Easter!
    Love the card and the flowers are gorgeous!

  26. Love that card! How very pretty it is, with the fresh colours, and the little rabbits.
    Also, thankyou for your beautiful pots of flowers and the gorgesous primroses.


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