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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wednesday's Writing

Having just been over to Mousenotebook and Menopausal Musing and seen their posts on the subject of handwriting I thought I'd join in the fun. Seems this idea was put forward by Jackie at Dog Daisy Chains.

Spelling error - should read too verbose!

Speaking of paraphenalia does anyone these days use a blotter or make penwipers at school for Christmas gifts? Of course not and I dare say most of you fellow bloggers wouldn't even know what a pen wiper was would you?! Those who do will probably keep quiet so as not to reveal their ages!

My favourite writing implement was - until it ran out - a cheap roller ball pen which someone had left on my desk at work!

As I said I don't think I will be doing a handwritten post too often - I found my thoughts didn't flow properly and I couldn't get them down as fast as usual! However it would be a pity if we lost the art of handwriting both for letters and for this sort of thing too as can you imagine in years to come people collecting vintage e-mails and using them in their craft work or scrapbooking etc? And there is nothing like a real letter taken into the garden to be enjoyed over a cup of tea is there? Speaking of tea I must go and put the kettle on - anyone fancy a cuppa?!!


  1. Pity we can't comment in handwritten form too. Husband is a dedicated fountain pen man and refuses to write anything in biro - needless to say we do have blotting paper (though not pen wipers). Grateful(and wealthy) parents gave him a Mont Blanc pen after their son got a scholarship, helped by husband's tutoring. Husband was unaware of the generosity of the gift until daughter enlightened him. Sadly, it's done nothing to make his handwriting more legible.
    I'm afraid giving me pen and paper results in sheets of doodles and illustrations, though I do like to physically write things down. I don't think we've yet really considered the impact of the digital age - who ever accesses their emails or correspondence from 5 0r 10 years ago (always assuming you could get the software to work!

  2. Lovely to catch up again and so funny (though sad too) about the hen jumpers!! Off for a proper read through now xx

  3. Good to read your contribution. You have VERY readable writing and I am envious. I also find writing by hand so much slower than typing.........

  4. Lovely handwriting Jane! Mine is just a scrawl. For many years I used shorthand for work - another disappearing skill! I love sending cards and notes to friends but anything involving more than one paragraph inevitably gets typed. I love Paperchase's roller ball pens.


  5. My thoughts flow so much better when I can go back quickly and improve what I've done ...or get rid of it and start again, so give me a computer any day. The added bonus of correcting mistakes is great too.
    In this case I think progress is good !

  6. Hi Jane
    See what you mean about the train of thought - a few people have said the same thing!
    I do love pens and paper though, but in a decorative form, or for a special occasion. I do still use a fountain pen at work, and some of our young trainees wonder what it is or think it's a 'posh thing' - a lot more pleasurable to write with than a biro!! Perhaps I'm not a complete technology addict after all.

  7. Milk, no sugar please Jane.
    I love this post as I have a personal interest.

    My hobby is calligraphy and years ago I used to write meritorious service certificates for the territorial army.
    I am in the process of writing a book about my garden....all hand written and decorative detail of course.

    A most enjoyable post......and BTW I like your handwriting.....

  8. I love your handwriting, it's very pretty. It's very rounded and sometimes your 'y' and 'g' is straight at the bottom, sometimes curled. I wonder what that says about you? Apparently it's quite the done thing to have handwriting analysed during job interviews in the City, a scary thought I imagine. Goodness knows what they'd make of mine!

    I can't remember the last time I received a hand written letter, apart from those of condolence - says it all really.

    Kate x

  9. Love your handwriting. It seems very even and neat to me - I shall have to have a go at this!

  10. Your handwriting is very legible and readable!Mine is a mess so I doubt it would make sense for me to join in with this. You'd need a codebreaker. Lesley x

  11. I'm so glad you joined in. I will add you to the list.Its been a great experiment.
    I'm going to try and make a mosaic of a snippet from everyone when I get time.

  12. What a wonderful idea, although I dont think I could do it. I ramble on too much. Your handwriting is very neat.

  13. That is another easily read hand. This has been a fun exercise, and introduced some new blogs that I shall visit again. I was always a fountain pen user, and still do, but far less often. I think this exercise may see me buying some fresh ink and seeking some good paper on which to write!

  14. You have the handwriting of an artist Jane, very readable but interesting too!! I might give this one a go if I can remember how to write.... manually :) x

  15. Just to let you know there are a couple of awards for you on my blog, I hope you will accept them, but you are under no obligation. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog.

  16. Jane, I ended up joining in on the handwriting challenge... and it is a challenge! The hands become quite cramped after only a little while. Everyone's handwriting has been so interesting, you wrote quite a bit! On another note, I'm going to have to check out Cheryl's blog... I bet she's quite creative.

  17. What a fun post. I could never do that, since my writing is now almost completely illegible, even to me!
    Yes, you are right too, about the thoughts not flowing as fast or easily when using hand writing!

  18. I think that handwriting is becoming a lost art. Of course, I can type a lot faster than I can write! I still think that getting a letter and being able to sit down with it is good medicine for the soul!

  19. I well remember the dip pens that I used at school from about 1951 - 1956, I think that when I changed to the Secondary school I then had a fountain pen.
    I still love a fountain pen today, I think they make you write better.

  20. Your handwriting is so even and neat! It's true about getting tired hands - the muscles we use for typing are rather different I think. Hasn't this been great fun?

  21. Hi Jane!
    I like the 'hand-writing' idea. Unfortunately, mine has become quite messy over the years, when I had tons of essays to correct and make comments on; needed to write very fast for that. You'll see for yourself what I mean once you get the parcel (I posted it a couple of hours ago)

  22. I stopped by your lovely blog today. Sadly not many people hand write anything these days. It's one of my goals this year to improve my handwriting. I lived in Cornwall for many years and love the west country, your blog brought back memories of wonderful holidays in your neck of the woods.
    Ann Summerville
    Cozy In Texas


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