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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Walking on Sunshine!

I'm walking on sunshine and don't it feel good

Yesterday I walked into town to meet a friend for coffee. Remember me showing you the daffodils along our main road here? Well obviously those have died back now but have been replaced with these lovely narcissi - we have had swathes of daffodils and narcissi along this road for months now.

I love this walk into town as although it is alongside the busy main road there is a wide verge with trees and if you concentrate on these and forget the traffic it is really beautiful.

I don't know if you can enlarge this one to enable you to see the detail on the petals - it's amazing and the squirly design make me want to copy it in some form of art!

Just look at that sky!

Blossom everywhere just now.
Isn't this colour amazing?

Even the humble dandelion looks so cheerful and sunny especially with the little blue forget me nots don't you think?

Boring old laurel isn't so boring covered with blossom each spire made up of hundreds of tiny flowers each with its complement of delicate hairy stamens.
Does anyone know what this is? I thought at first it was some kind of Kerria Japonica but my plant book doesn't mention a pink variety. Then I wondered if it might be some sort of blackberry but I haven't come up with anything remotely resembling it. Help!

In the afternoon we went to a nursery not far fom home and I thought this little arrangement worthy of a picture!

And inside the local resident who obviously thinks this is a self service shop!


  1. What an exuberant post Jane, so full of the joys of spring, and what a wonderful spring it is. Your pink flower certainly looks like a kerria - off to look it up in my books now!

  2. I would have said Kerria too................

    Lovely uplifting post. :O)

  3. Life is certainly good with all that colour and this wonderful weather (till tomorrow apparently!). Love the cheeky robin. I don't know what the pink flower is but it's very pretty.

    Kate x

  4. Lovely colourful post, thoroughly enjoyed it!

  5. What pretty pictures. I especially love the last one of the robin! Let's make the most of the weather today as I hear tomorrow it's all downhill again!

  6. Fab blossom pics and then we both have a robin on our blogs today!!!!

  7. Looks like the UK has bloomed! Beatiful pictures - although I am glad I can breathe safely at this side of the screen. ;-)

  8. Isn't the blossom wonderful at the moment - making up for all the dreary grey days and all that snow. Certainly lifts the mood, doesn't it?

  9. Jane,
    I cannot read 'Walking on Sunshine' without wanting to burst into song. Was this what Katrina and the Waves won Eurovision with? Now that you're thinking how sad I am can I also be blog swot and tell you what the plant is? You are right about it being a blackberry. It's an ornamental called Rubus spectabilis 'Olympic Double'. (I only know because we have a couple in the garden but ours are nowhere near flowering yet) Lesley x

  10. Wow so many daffodils and pretty flowers! At long last, I have a small break to visit posts! I am going to try to do a little crafting this weekend as long as there is no more unexpected homework!
    Lucy xxxx

  11. Lovely is all there for us to see. Busy road or not there is much beauty out there if we just take a moment to 'look and see'
    Dandelion and forget me nots are a delightful combination.....very pretty.

    Have you ever smelt Laurel blooms. The fragrance is wonderful, no wonder bees love it.
    I have several large shrubs in my garden and I love them.....

    Love that 'little shopper'

  12. A busy road can be made into a wonderful walk with all the beauty that spring can offer - lovely photos Jane, really lovely - the blackberry is very pretty and look at the tiny shopper - cheeky little robin.


    PS My apple tree has just blossomed - come and take a look:-)

  13. That Robin is delightful!!
    As I write this post I am watching my resident robin flitting to and fro in the garden, pulling up worms brought out by the april showers.


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