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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Antiques and Collectibles at Shepton Mallet

We went to the Antiques and Collectibles Fair at Shepton Mallet (courtesy of some tickets sent to me by The Washerwoman ) Thank you so much Lizzie a little Thank You card is in the post to you - it was great to meet you and have a little chat. I did come back to your stand as we were leaving but you weren't there!

I was amazed at the number of stalls there were, many of which were for serious antiques hunters with wads of money to spend and displayed inside but the most interesting stuff for me was outside and I really felt for the stall holders as it was bitterly cold in the open although the weather did at least stay dry. I didn't spend much but I did buy these tiles (neither antique nor collectible) which I thought I might be able to make into a casserole stand perhaps.

These pretty vintage cards,

and this lovely bowl (pity I didn't dust it before photographing it eh?!)

It is Havilland and made in Limoges - I don't know why it is but every time I spot a piece of china I like it turns out to be Limoges and more often than not Havilland. This little bowl was very slightly chipped so I got it for £1!!! I don't care about the chip - I just love it for its pretty delicate design.

I didn't buy this but wished I could have done - isn't it fabulous? I was going to save it for the Monthly colour post as it is so bright but decided not to wait. It was hanging over the balcony and many of the patches were torn and damaged but the workmanship in it was amazing but for £200+ I had to leave it behind and just be inspired to have a go at a quilt myslef using crazy squares. Don't hold your breath though will you as I have the little jumper to finish first - am just sewing it up now and hope to get it in the post before the 24th as requested. Hope to do a Ta da post very soon!!


  1. You bought some lovely things - especially the tiles. Pretty little bowl too, very delicate. Judging by the things you make and show on here I bet you would make a crazy patchwork quilt with no trouble at all!!!

  2. Sounds a really nice day. I love the bowl too! (I have a patchwork quilt in the loft still waiting to be finished that I started when I was a teenager, so yours can only be finshed quicker than that!)


  3. nice finds. So glad you enjoyed the day, sorry we had to leave early to collect my youngest son! Maybe see you at the Vintage at the village hall??? Lizzie x

  4. Some lovely things there Jane, I especially like your tiles!!
    Looking forward to the little jumper ta da! :)
    Vivienne x

  5. Jane, I love the tiles....something I would choose, so pretty.

    I understand re pottery....I always tend to go for the same maker. I love what you have chosen, as you say very delicate (who cares about a chip).

    And oooh that gorgeous....I could see that in the farmhouse. Well I can dream, can't I?

  6. Would have loved to have gone, but, alas I live a bit too far away...

  7. Lovely things you picked up, I would love to go to there. Looking forward to seeing the jumper

  8. What a treasure trove , Jane! The tiles are really lovely and should make a lovely stand or perhaps a small table? Do you have a conservatory? I can see a pretty table with those tiles in a pretty conservatory.
    You are probably unknowingly becoming an expert on Havilland china from Limoges as you have developed an "eye" for it.
    The little jumper sounds lovely so we are all waiting eagerly to see it, especially since the pattern sounded so difficult.

  9. They are lovely tiles and bowl, the market must have been very interesting, hope to see your little jumper soon, the quilt is a bit too crazy for me!

  10. What a beautiful little bowl.... it obviously "had your name" on it. Glad to hear the little jumper is coming along well.

  11. Glad to see you had a fruitful day even though it was cold. You picked up some lovely things, especially the Limoges bowl.
    I am sure you could make an amazing crazy patchwork quilt, and it won't cost ₤200.

  12. Such a pretty bowl, Jane, and the quilt is wonderful - though £200 would have put me off too!
    Can't wait to see the jumper.

  13. I love the little pink and white bowl - so pretty. You must have an eye for the Limoges china now to be able to pick it out so easily. Hope the jumper finishing is going well.
    Helen x

  14. Oh those tiles will make a fabulous casserole stand. I really like them. Very pretty little pink bowl and as for the quilt!! Sorry but even if it is nice £200 is just too much, so I quite understand why you abstained! ;-) I'm sure you would be able to make one just as inspiring.

  15. Pretty little bowl, I'd definitely overlook a chip for £1. Sounds like great day out. I tried some knitting for the first time for many years this weekend - hmmm, you may have to wait a long time for a peek at that.

  16. Sounds like a great day Jane. I love the vintage cards and the pretty pink bowl. I think you snapped up some lovely treasures there. Lesley xx

  17. The tiles are beautiful! It will be great to see what you do with them! The quilt is gorgeous, but you're right about the cost of it! Looking forward to a photo of the finished jumper! :) x


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