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Friday, 26 November 2010


Something which is incredibly important to me is friendship - maybe the fact that I was an only child made friendships especially necessary for me. This card was given to me by a good friend who sadly died a couple of years ago but it reminds me of the good times we shared. Her last words to me were to thank me for my friendship and I replied that it was indeed mutual.

These two fridge magnets were given to me by another friend whose friendship I value and who has seen me through the good times and the bad and still loves me!

The friend who came to stay yesterday has now gone home - it was but a flying visit but we enjoyed catching up and boy do we go back a long way! We walked into town and sat over a hot chocolate and a cake in a favourite cafe talking over old times back when we were both teenagers (half a century ago - how is that possible?) when we were newly weds (she was my bridesmaid) and when our children were small as well as all the usual gossip shared between old friends and then used our bus passes to come home and soon after she was gone. I did enjoy her visit.
As soon as this happens retire with dignity
Postscript Just received this with an e-mail and thought it might make you smile too! Have to admit I haven't quite got to this stage yet!!


  1. Good friends are so important, someone who knows you, who accepts you for who you are, who doesnt try to change you...a perfect friend.

  2. It's nice to have loyal friends. A good friend is one who, if you don't see each other for a while, you can just pick up the phone and carry on where you last left. I do think as you get older your circle of friends does narrow, but you develop a deeper friendship with them.

  3. Glad you had such a lovely visit with your friend. Unfortunately my friend (that goes way back to when we were children) lives 12,000 miles away!

  4. We all need to have good friends, as the saying goes 'they are the family we choose for ourselves'!
    Love your last photo although I suppose it's no worse than shouting at the computer and blaming it for doing it wrong!!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Vivienne x

  5. Good friends are what makes life worthwhile at times aren't they.


  6. One of the best thing for me about moving here to the Midlands has been getting back in touch with a good friend - and we just picked up as if we'd seen each other yesterday instead of nearly 40 years ago!

  7. Oh Jane,
    How wonderful is that photo of the lady on the verge of dotting the screen with tippex? It made me smile. Couldn't agree with you more about friends and friendship. It has to be worked at but there's nothing more precious. I value my friends, old and new and yet again, you pick a topic that is so in tune with the way we all think and feel. You have so much empathy so it's no wonder you have so many friends. Lesley x

  8. A lovely, lovely post about the importance of friends and friendship. So glad to hear you had a lovely time with your friend.
    I have a little little printed card I found in a thrift shop years ago that says, "A true friend is someone who knows all about you but loves you just the same." I have it hanging in my bedroom to remind me every day.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Anne xx

  9. Wonderful post. Friendship is certainly a very important part of my life too. Had a cuppa with my oldest friend this week.. we "met" as babies almost 50 yrs ago! xx

  10. Jane you do know how to get to the heart of things. Friendships are all too easily taken for granted and are a very precious commodity.
    (Loved the lady with the Tippex too.)

  11. lovely post! I love the first fridge magnet; so true of ...well, true friends.
    I don't have many friends, but the ones I do have are really special.

  12. Lovely Jane. 'Long time' friends are just the best, the ones you don't see for ages, but there are never any awkward silences when you meet up! Love the tippex piccie!
    I've made a couple of precious friends through blogging too, as I'm sure you have.
    Reminds me to get my Christmas cards and letters started this weekend...

  13. I have some wonderful long time friends. The longest, - we have been friends since 1967. My friends are very special, we value and respect each other, we have been through ups and downs, have forgiven each other for misunderstandings, and continue to enjoy each others company.
    Love the last photo.

  14. A lovely post. I do think that it is great image of the lady about to Tippex out a word on the screen! It made me chuckle! x

  15. Roared with laughter at that photo and the tippex! So pleased you had a wonderful time with your friend. :O)))

  16. one of my favourite sayings is-
    'Friends are family we can choose'
    I value my friends so much.

  17. Good friends are so precious and life-enhancing. I love the lady with the Tippex - I worry that might be me very soon!

  18. Old friends are wonderful! Even more comfortable than slippers.


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