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Friday, 5 November 2010

Friday Favourites and a donation maybe?

My Friday Favourite today is a word - "tranquility" and this photo sums it up nicely don't you think?

The very sound of the word speaks to me of calm and peace and makes me think of pleasant scenery and happy quiet times.
Today's favourite quote is:
To laugh often and much: to appreciate beauty: to find the best in others: to leave the world a bit better ... To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived: that is to have succeeded. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Makes success seem something we might just be able to achieve and not something that is counted in wealth, importance, education etc doesn't it?!
And on a totally different topic - I came across this via Jeeandme and it goes so nicely with my post about anti-consumerism at Christmas here that I had to sign up and I wondered if any of you might be interested too.
PS Last week I posted on Saturday and this week trying to be organised I thought I'd posted this to appear on Friday but apparently not so it's Friday Favourites on Thursday this week! Who knows maybe next week I will get it right! Although I see the post appears under the date Friday 5th so what time does blogger use I wonder maybe it is already Friday somewhere in the world!


  1. Hi Jane, love your scarves.....beautiful colours, for every occassion I would think.
    I have far too many scarves but just keep on buying....I love them.

    Tranquility.....your photographs sum it up perfectly. I would love to drift away in that little boat.

    Love the quote to. It is one that I am familiar with, it was good to be reminded of it once again.

  2. Your photos are definitely tranquil, and beautiful too! Lovely quote as well, I like the idea that succeding isn't to do with wealth or vanity, but being happy and helping others in whatever way you can.
    Have a lovely evening! :) x

  3. Lovely quote Jane. Perfectly accompanied by the photos. They are beautiful. Off to read Jee and Me and see what words of wisdom there are there today. Don't worry about the date thing. Your words are always worth reading no matter when they get published!! Lesley xx

  4. What a great quote and beautiful photos!
    Vivienne x

  5. Hi Jane ,
    It's Friday here so we think you're right on time !!!
    Lovely quote and photo. Hope I'll be feeling a bit of tranquility by Saturday lunchtime when Sally returns after her big trek.

  6. It sure is Friday here in Australia. Those photos are lovely, very tranquil. I just wish I was there to hear the water tumbling down that little waterfall!

  7. Hello, so glad I found your blog - your tranquil photos are really beautiful - I'd love to be sitting by that rippling water. I too have joined in a Splash of Colour. I like your drawer full of pretty scarves, such lovely colours. Like you it is the light I miss at this time of year:)

  8. 'Tranquil' really sums up those two photos. They make me feel calm just by looking at them. The quote is a great one, and one I would like to live my life by. I can't get blogger to post things on the correct day either!!!

  9. Lovely tranquil pictures - I love water flowing over mossy stones. And a very interesting, thoughtful quote too.
    Helen x

  10. Lovely photos, Jane. Glad you're in for the China Kidz project. I've just had my instructions and photos of two dear little souls to send things for. Really feel that it's a worthwhile cause.

  11. I love your pictures Jane, and the lovely quote to accompany them! I can't knit, but what a wonderful cause, and I'm sure I have plenty I can send over for Chinakidz.

  12. I could use some of that Tranquility right now. Seems as if I have been running non-stop for days. I need a break. Thanks for reminding me. And I'm going to take a look at your non/anti-consumerism link. I think more and more people are yearning for that sort of thing. And I like your success definition also.
    By the way, those are asters in the photo at the top of your blog, correct? Very pretty.

  13. I'm so behind it is now Saturday so wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it :).
    Yes a great quote and a comfort when you are feeling a bit useless.
    My moment of tranquility was listening to the birds in this morning's welcome sun.
    All moments of tranquility should be cherished and your pictures capture them beautifully.

  14. Lovely pictures, the sound of water is so restful isn't it?


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