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Friday, 12 November 2010

Friday Favourites

Firstly many thanks to all those of you who left comments on my previous post - it would seem we often think alike. I had wondered if perhaps it was a trifle self indulgent and maybe I'd p*** people off with it but apparently not, so Thank you all. Vive le difference eh?!!

Today's Friday Favourite is my soft toy Tigger given to me by my daughter some years ago. I love Tigger's bounciness, his happy attitude and his ability to see the bright side at all times plus his refusal to be down in the dumps - unlike Eyore (or me at times!) Over the years I have had a few Tigger related items as gifts, usually from my daughter, including the mug in which I have my early morning cup of tea (no porcelaine teacups for me!) and which always starts my day off with a smile and the little book which is full of quotes relating to Tigger.

He is wearing a brooch sent to me by a friend in America which says I love Tigger and don't you just love the expression on his face? I have to say the illustrations in the little book which are the originals by E H Shepherd are my preferred image of Tigger but the Walt Disney toy has such a cute face - you can't help but laugh can you?

A Friday Favourite quote (or 2!) for today:
In view of my previous post which seems to have struck a chord I thought these particulalry relevant!
"Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else" - Judy Garland
And this one which was written in my autograph book by my mother (back in the 1950s when children all had such things) she obviously knew a thing or two!

"This above all: to thine own self be true and it must follow, as the night the day,Thou canst not then be false to any man" - William Shakespeare
Have a great weekend. a good weekend.


  1. Good morning Jane - glad you're as bouncy as Tigger this morning. Your quotes are very confirming, we all have to remind ourselves that we don't have copy others to be successful ourselves. (Well I do).
    Love, Jill

  2. Well yesterday's post certainly attracted a lot of comments and very interesting ones too. Isn't it good when the topic has a bit of substance. Well done you!
    I'm a bit of a Tigger personality. I like to look on the bright side ( Tony says I hide my head in the sand !!! Guess what sort of personality he has !) Am I guessing that your daughter might have a little of Tigger in her too?

  3. Thanks for sharing your Friday Favourite. I think we all could do with a little something to make a smile and feel a little more bouncy in a morning.
    I must remember that fab quote by Judy Garland.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Jill x

  4. Well I think we all should strive to be more like Tigger and less like Eeyore, not always easy I know, but a goal non the less!
    That bloke Shakespeare knew a thing or two as well!!
    Have a great weekend, Jane. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. Wow yesterdays post did stir a debate - love posts like that :) Don't get soaps - like CK - own a dishwasher & tumbledrier and watch very little TV.

    Do love Tigger - little son had one that use to bounce when he was pressed - scared little son but made me smile every time!!

  6. Good ol' Tigger brightening up the day, and do you know what I think he is succeeding as thery are glimpses of blue sky and sunshine here :-)

    Some brilliant quotes. I too had an autograph book...I wonder what happened to it?

  7. Could do with a bit of Tigger around here in the morning - I definitely live with two Eeyores and I think I'm probably more like Pooh! Quote from friend whilst looking in a CK shop - 'I really don't get this current trend to have all this stuff - it's just what we were given as handme-downs when we got married and couldn't wait to get rid of!'

  8. He has a goofy face, it would make me smile too! Hope you have a great weekend, oh and btw you could do that quilt its so quick and easy! Keep smiling!

  9. Hi the quotes, perfect.

    Tigger is my grand-daughters favourite I am a piglet sort of woman. One of my favourite books is The Te of Piglet written by Benjamin Hoff. 'Te'...a Chinese word meaning virtue - of the small.

    Have a good weekend....hope the sun is shining in your part of the world. It is raining ice here.....

  10. Well, I liked this post (Son 2 is a huge fan of Tigger - his first word was 'boing'!) and I then went back to read your last one - both your post and the comments were fantastic. Like a lot of readers, I feel you put into words what a lot of us haven't worked out how to express. Thanks!

  11. Jane,
    Two great quotes and a lovely reminder about autograph books. Do such things still exist I wonder? I remember my Dad writing in mine with a phrase that probably wouldn't be very 'pc' these days. I also remember another quote which read 'by hook or by crook I'll be first in this book' but can't remember exactly who wrote it! Have a great weekend yourself too. Lesley x

  12. Good morning Jane, thank you for your "visit" to my blog. If you would like some tickets for The Antiques Fair next w/e, just email me at with your address & I can pop them in the post OR I can give you my mobile number and you can phone on arrival at the fair and I can bring the tickets to the gate (as we are very near it) Lizzie x

  13. Many years ago, I acquired a kitten that I named Tigger. He was a bid mad (well a lot mad actually) and didn't get on with my other cat, who was a big softie, so I had to give him away to a friend. Thankfully, he never looked back and had a great life. I will always remember him - he was a real character!


  14. Tigger is the cheeriest of characters, isn't he? I too am wondering when autograph books disappeared. My granny used to stick a stamp in them and then write "By gum, I'm stuck.".

  15. I agree it's good to have something to cheer us up but I'm sorry to say I find Tigger very irritating. I always felt drawn to Piglet.

  16. Love the Judy Garland quote and 'Tigger' is really quite a character.
    Now, for your last post:
    Do you know the song 'Englishman in New York' by Sting? There's this message there 'be yourself, no matter what they say'. When I was 19 or so I wrote this on a T-shirt and never stopped believing it. In my circle, I'm sometimes considered the odd-one-out because I'm not fond of social conventions and I usually moan and groan when I have to attend an event, even if I don't like the people involved.
    I like people who stand out in the crowd and I'm trying to teach my son to think for himself and not just follow mainstream behaviours unquestionably. I understand his need to fit in and try to help him find the right balance.
    So 'be yourself, no matter what they say', Jane.


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