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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

And the winner is...

This evening I picked the winner for the giveaway and it was Jill of Third Age Musings. I will be posting your package very soon Jill. Many thanks for all your kind comments and I am only sorry that you couldn't all be winners!
I have been away from posting for a while - life seems to have got in the way just recently and time for blogging has been severely limited. I really needed to take my own advice and find time to take things quietly now and again - not easy when you are dashing from doctor to hospital several times (not me and not life threatening thank goodness) to vet's (again not life threatening) as well as all the usual commitments at this time of year. However things seem to have quietened down now - fingers crossed.

We went to Bath on Saturday to see the Christmas Market. When I tell you that whilst on the Park and Ride bus into the centre we passed about 30 coaches parked on the outskirts of town all having destination signs saying Christmas Market and having disgorged their passengers in the town you will understand why it was absolutely packed. I am sure the market is lovely but it was impossible to move so very difficult to see much of what was on sale - pity. We gave up and came home for a cup of tea in the peace and quiet of our own home!

The light wasn't that good so these photos are not good either I am afraid and of course it was difficult with so many people to get any distance

I loved the colour this merry-go-round brought to the rather grey scene!

And the juxtaposition of the colourful roundabout with the ancient stonework caught my eye.


  1. I often find Christmas markets and events so overwhelming that I wonder what's wrong with me! Glad that many people find it all a bit much...

    Your photos are great, though. I do hope that everyone, human or otherwise, is on the mend now. Take time to rest!

  2. I'm going to a Christmas market tomorrow, in Montreux. It's crowded but along the lake so it's okay because it's really like a walk line!

    Would love to visit Bath!

    Kisses accross the Chanel and a bit more!

  3. Hope everyone is doing better and you can find some time to rest.
    I visited Bath in the summer of 1994 on a 1-day-trip. I loved the harmony of the buildings, all made from the same stone and was impressed by the flower statues.
    Take Care!

  4. I would love to have a Christmas market like that in our area, even if I had to fight my way through the crowds. I don't usually deal well with crowds at all, but for bootfairs and markets I make an exception, lol. Just think of the lovely things you could find........

  5. How exciting to spot my name on my 'dashboard', I am so thrilled to have won.
    I have had a couple of wretched mornings battling through the Luton Arndale shopping Mall, an experience not to be recommended. If everyone there is spending money then maybe the recession is over! At least Bath is an attractive venue!!

  6. Lucky, lucky Gill. Sorry to hear Bath was so jam packed. The round about looks glorious, I love the artwork on them.

  7. congrats :) the market looks lovely, i have been to several and they always make it feel even more like christmas except for the crowds (you always have to go with them or take the consequences of being crushed) never get to where you want to go :P
    Lucy xx

  8. Congrats to Jill! I have yet to brave any of the shopping crowds and I don't think we have christmas markets here, so kudos to you on being so brave! I did pop to the Mall (dreadful place) on 'black' Friday, but long long long after the crowds had gone.

  9. It is a lovely market but as you say often too crowded! Last year was not much fun at all. Really hard to see any stalls without being pushed. Lots of people puffing & blowing because they couldn't get through...
    I do like to go as a friend of mine has a soap stall there called Merrywood.
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  10. Oh what a shame Jane. i guess this is the side of it we don't think of. hope you are all better now x

  11. Christmas makets are so popular now and the downside is they get SO crowded. Still its nice to be reminded of the lovely city of Bath - its been a while since we were there last. Hope everyone is feeling better now.

    Take care. Jeanne x

  12. My sister-in-law is going to Bath this weekend to the Christmas market - I will warn her. I've never been despite being just up the road. I'm afraid I pick my shopping times to avoid crowds and rushes and i can only manage a couple of hours before needing tea and a bun.

  13. I hate shopping in crowded town centres - I have done most of my shopping online this year, and it has been very civilized!

    Pomona x


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